Friday, November 7, 2014

The Trimet 'con game'

What I'm referring to is the so called 'yellow card'. For those who do not know what that is its the method that drivers are told to use to report scheduling department failures.

The reason its a total con game is that Trimet is well aware when a schedule doesn't work. Trimet has one of the best Information Technology departments in the transit industry. They have all the data for all the routes at their disposal.

Yet operators are told to 'fill out a yellow card' (on their own time of course)  so as to bring the situation "to the attention of the schedulers."

It's nothing but a con game played on bus drivers. A yellow card doesn't tell them anything they don't already know. Below is an operator on his last nerve discussing a horrible schedule with a dispatcher who refers him to the 'yellow card'.


Jason McHuff said...

A Yellow Card can be considered a complaint

Al M said...

An unessary complaint cause they already know the schedule doesn't work and is abusive to both the operator and the riders

Erik H. said...

TriMet has spent millions on its GPS and bus tracking technology, on its massive data center (complete with Stimulus funded air conditioning unit, that was more important than replacing 24 year old buses and fixing up bus stops), and an I.T. staff of well over 100 employees, most of which making close to or over $100K/year with full government benefits.

TriMet knows precisely when the schedules don't work.

It's just that they involve buses, and TriMet's management has made it crystal clear to anyone and everyone, that if it's a problem with the buses, nobody gives a rat's ass. If it's a MAX problem, then call the Board and Neil.

If the bus is late, so what - the only people who ride the buses are the loser creeps and weirdos, and we simply don't have to listen to them.

I dare you, Jason (TriMet ass-kisser) McHuff, to try and spin that. Try to justify your pro-TriMet, pro-management, anti-bus attitude...just come up with the biggest, baddest, worthless excuse for TriMet's behavior.

Jason McHuff said...

How about you apologize for your name calling first?