Friday, November 21, 2014

Trimet scheduling department really needs a shake up

This happens way to often to be acceptable. This is why people don't use public transit and will never use public transit. This is why bus drivers are mean and rude. You have all these buses running this late as often as Trimet does and you have an agency that is a failure. Just give Mcfarlane another raise, the worse things are at Trimet the more money he makes.

Trimet governance is a total joke

As ofVehicleBlockLine/DestinationE/LLoadPrev stopTrack
5:01 PM2103441044 Mocks Crest to St Johns-14:550%7789 (37)Track
5:01 PM2106320132 To Clackamas CC-22:130%11933 (68)Track
5:00 PM2108680168 18th-Jefferson-17:450%5975 (2)Track
5:01 PM2111160516 To Portland-16:250%5336 (14)Track
5:01 PM2113960296 To Commerce Circle-24:150%10712 (7)Track
5:02 PM2118350235 University of Portland-14:470%5509 (25)Track
5:02 PM2126960396 To 10th & Jefferson-13:110%10713 (29)Track
5:02 PM2128350635 To Oregon City TC-40:390%8207 (71)Track
5:01 PM2144160416 To Sauvie Island-13:470%13168 (1)Track
5:00 PM21464154 Gresham TC-12:290%7642 (71)Track
5:02 PM21479049 To Portland-12:560%4626 (27)Track
5:01 PM2149990199 To Clackamas CC-13:390%3635 (6)Track
5:01 PM2150940294 To Sherwood-33:380%7588 (7)Track
5:01 PM2154850185 To Rose Quarter TC-23:430%9399 (9)Track
5:01 PM21591021 Vermont via Maplewood-18:330%7765 (32)Track
5:02 PM1139003Blue to Gresham-11:04
8352 (40)Track
5:01 PM1229027Blue to Hillsboro-11:16
9844 (45)Track
5:02 PM2204723972 To Cully Blvd-10:400%8031 (27)Track
5:02 PM22059359 To 98th Ave-13:280%7636 (3)Track
5:02 PM2210123712 To Tigard TC-21:490%188 (53)Track
5:02 PM2213144114 To 94-Foster-12:340%1792 (29)Track
5:02 PM2218725172 Clackamas TC-23:560%7948 (79)Track
5:01 PM22209489 To 98th Ave-14:160%1929 (10)Track
5:02 PM2221873787 To Gateway TC-28:350%10732 (58)Track
5:02 PM2225713971 To 94th-Foster-23:150%6617 (93)Track
5:01 PM22279419 Gresham TC-31:120%4612 (64)Track
5:02 PM2231714071 To Clackamas TC-18:050%1754 (105)Track
5:02 PM2238873687 To Rockwood-25:540%6912 (39)Track
5:01 PM2240223623 To Gateway TC-16:250%6558 (20)Track
5:02 PM2241143814 To 94-Foster-18:140%2615 (14)Track
5:02 PM2243714371 To 94th-Foster-12:230%4756 (68)Track
5:01 PM2247173517 To Saratoga-22:42
10425 (70)Track
5:02 PM2248725572 Clackamas TC-14:340%7931 (25)Track
5:01 PM2255103410 To 94-Foster-23:340%7288 (22)Track
5:02 PM2258194219 Gateway TC-25:0370%9526 (59)Track
5:01 PM2259193719 To 112th via 28th-20:170%5239 (44)Track
5:02 PM22609379 To Portland-17:300%4706 (48)Track
5:02 PM2261194419 Mt Scott-112th-24:1870%10484 (74)Track
5:01 PM2263193419 112th via 32nd-Rex-13:400%7344 (66)Track
5:02 PM22649389 To NW Flanders-18:090%7751 (38)Track
5:02 PM2319003Blue to Gresham-11:04
8352 (40)Track
5:01 PM2280873487 To Gateway TC-27:040%8321 (44)Track
5:02 PM2282713871 To 94th-Foster-16:180%13032 (116)Track
5:01 PM2283193819 Gateway TC-15:160%4702 (49)Track
5:01 PM2429027Blue to Hillsboro-11:16
9844 (45)Track
5:01 PM2292203820 Gresham TC-14:340%12954 (63)Track
5:02 PM2295144514E To 94-Foster-11:380%3635 (2)Track
5:00 PM22984394 To St. Johns-15:38
7856 (76)Track
5:01 PM2303194519 112th via 32nd-Rex-14:470%7588 (43)Track
5:01 PM2306123512 Parkrose TC-15:5890%189 (32)Track
5:01 PM23134354 To St. Johns-22:100%1303 (117)Track
4:58 PM2315793679 To Oregon City TC-22:540%12922 (2)Track
5:01 PM23164364 To St. Johns-11:120%3465 (150)Track
5:01 PM2510750875 To Milwaukie-17:200%7444 (97)Track
5:01 PM25138168 To NE Dekum-10:540%1612 (23)Track
5:02 PM2518440144 Mocks Crest to St Johns-15:150%6271 (76)Track
5:02 PM25194054 Gresham TC-19:5370%7631 (70)Track
5:02 PM2535144214 To 94-Foster-10:07
1816 (41)Track
5:01 PM2540725372 Swan Island-10:55
3212 (64)Track
5:01 PM2546714271 To Clackamas TC-13:090%7828 (72)Track
5:01 PM254920459 Gresham TC-10:000%5239 (8)Track
5:01 PM2551204020 Gresham TC-23:340%718 (38)Track
5:01 PM2553194719 Mt Scott-112th-23:410%5063 (29)Track
5:01 PM25579409 Gresham TC-21:510%5239 (8)Track
5:02 PM2558724272 Clackamas TC-18:5170%7954 (98)Track
5:01 PM2601441244 Mocks Crest to St Johns-28:160%7789 (37)Track
5:02 PM2602320432 To Clackamas CC-15:240%4201 (37)Track
5:02 PM2606752175 to St Johns-10:030%3452 (97)Track
5:02 PM2612200120 Gresham TC-17:400%5421 (44)Track
5:02 PM2619150215 Gateway TC-13:300%6447 (52)Track
5:01 PM2620170217 To SE 134th-20:200%1929 (45)Track
5:01 PM26218118 To NE Dekum-17:2370%1612 (16)Track
5:01 PM2626170817 To SE 134th-15:040%12805 (35)Track
5:02 PM2628750275 to St Johns-14:260%3534 (123)Track
5:01 PM2629960696 To Mohawk P&R-22:210%13050 (9)Track
5:01 PM2630930194 To Sherwood-15:120%4320 (18)Track
5:01 PM2631290129 To Milwaukie-12:540%6153 (43)Track
5:02 PM26369019 Gresham TC-14:580%4691 (35)Track
5:00 PM26386026 Jantzen Beach-15:200%5918 (39)Track
5:02 PM26404124 To St. Johns-24:0370%3508 (151)Track
5:02 PM2642170717 To Saratoga-18:5870%7759 (61)Track
5:02 PM26436046 Jantzen Beach-24:180%1111 (3)Track
5:01 PM2649330233 To Clackamas CC-13:220%3414 (56)Track
5:01 PM2653330733 To Clackamas CC-11:170%13487 (10)Track
5:01 PM2702940594 To Sherwood-11:100%7588 (7)Track
5:01 PM27061031 Vermont via Maplewood-13:220%10467 (36)Track
5:02 PM2708300130 To Estacada-10:070%2872 (20)Track
5:02 PM27106096 Jantzen Beach-18:1790%2165 (18)Track
5:01 PM2719960796 To Commerce Circle-13:220%10712 (7)Track
5:02 PM2823386838 To Portland-52:130%1930 (61)Track
5:01 PM2828127112 Parkrose TC-15:240%5110 (69)Track
5:02 PM2829386938 To Tualatin P&R-13:240%7880 (58)Track
5:01 PM2831556755 To Raleigh Hills-29:110%9762 (47)Track
5:01 PM2901586758 To Beaverton TC-28:500%909 (22)Track
5:02 PM2903547054 To Portland-17:210%156 (37)Track
5:02 PM2907456845 To Tigard TC-30:450%6126 (54)Track
5:02 PM2916576857 To Forest Grove-12:080%10190 (29)Track
5:02 PM2918566854 To Portland-23:460%9979 (1)Track
5:02 PM2924767176 To Beaverton TC-11:100%2305 (62)Track
5:02 PM2925457145 To Tigard TC-34:270%12794 (5)Track
5:01 PM2927926792 South Beaverton Exp-12:160%9168 (19)Track
5:01 PM2940937094 To Portland-11:210%8663 (18)Track
5:01 PM3009144014 To 94-Foster-14:290%1827 (45)Track
5:01 PM3010350435 To Oregon City TC-19:530%13167 (42)Track
5:02 PM3013214021 To Parkrose TC-12:360%9776 (24)Track
5:01 PM30174404 To St. Johns-14:49
8886 (83)Track
5:02 PM3018773877 To Troutdale-42:410%2385 (69)Track
5:02 PM3020194019 Gateway TC-20:150%2131 (77)Track
5:01 PM3021725972 Clackamas TC-19:160%7948 (34)Track
5:02 PM30279449 Gresham TC-14:320%4612 (64)Track
5:01 PM30307935154 To Oregon City TC-18:340%9279 (6)Track
5:02 PM3033204320 Gresham TC-23:1870%820 (14)Track
5:02 PM30349469 Gresham TC-21:180%4564 (42)Track
5:01 PM3039793479 To Clackamas Town Center-13:160%8074 (32)Track
5:02 PM3040726272 Clackamas TC-20:340%7965 (44)Track
5:01 PM3041103910 To 94-Foster-15:170%13032 (71)Track
5:01 PM30439399 Gresham TC-37:3870%4555 (76)Track
5:02 PM3044203520 Beaverton TC-10:060%252 (115)Track
5:02 PM30494469 To 98th Ave-14:56
4662 (24)Track
5:01 PM3050723772 Clackamas TC-20:210%7956 (68)Track
5:02 PM3051283429 To Clackamas TC-10:240%10653 (20)Track
5:02 PM3104850285 To Swan Island-21:400%3315 (7)Track
5:01 PM3106210112 Parkrose TC-13:070%13651 (40)Track
5:02 PM3107440444 Mocks Crest to St Johns-15:520%3070 (59)Track
5:02 PM3110350335 Greeley to Univ Portland-13:230%4434 (79)Track
5:01 PM3113440244 To St Johns-11:050%156 (26)Track
5:02 PM3122170117 To SE 134th-21:040%5148 (96)Track
4:58 PM31236076 Jantzen Beach-11:250%13635 (48)Track
5:01 PM3129350935 Greeley to Univ Portland-29:130%6472 (51)Track
5:02 PM31306056 To 18-Jefferson-15:000%3039 (44)Track
5:02 PM3131990499 To Clackamas CC-16:020%8761 (15)Track
5:01 PM3132440544 Mocks Crest to St Johns-22:26
3467 (90)Track
5:02 PM3134120112 Parkrose TC-24:47
772 (47)Track
5:02 PM31358158 To NE Dekum-11:400%6785 (38)Track
5:02 PM3137960596 To Commerce Circle-20:530%501 (22)Track
5:01 PM3138350135 To Oregon City TC-14:520%4502 (2)Track
5:02 PM3140140114 To 94-Foster-14:240%2607 (10)Track
5:01 PM3146351235 To Oregon City TC-22:060%4894 (67)Track
5:02 PM3150770777 To Troutdale-15:140%1612 (18)Track
5:01 PM3151940394 To Sherwood-20:420%4257 (25)Track
5:01 PM3152120212 Parkrose TC-14:100%772 (47)Track
5:01 PM31604064 Gresham TC-17:140%1375 (80)Track
5:01 PM3162330333 To Oregon City TC-15:190%8225 (19)Track
5:01 PM31644134 To St. Johns-11:560%3521 (113)Track
5:02 PM3170366836 To Tualatin P&R-19:520%4900 (29)Track
5:01 PM3216546956 To Washington Square-33:5070%2566 (7)Track
5:02 PM3220206720 Gresham TC-15:300%690 (29)Track
5:01 PM3222207320 Gresham TC-50:46
10792 (44)Track
5:02 PM3229587058 To 6th & Columbia-24:250%9044 (20)Track
5:02 PM3232626862 To Sunset TC-10:480%8629 (17)Track
5:01 PM3234567156 Downtown Only-46:210%13179 (46)Track
5:02 PM3240387038 To Portland-32:060%156 (58)Track
5:02 PM3246626962 To Washington Square-20:030%8612 (43)Track
5:02 PM3251366737 To Tualatin P&R-23:090%539 (17)Track
5:01 PM3253127212 Parkrose TC-20:590%13651 (80)Track
5:01 PM3254527252 To Beaverton TC-10:410%6975 (19)Track
5:01 PM3255546854 To Beaverton TC-26:530%330 (28)Track
5:02 PM3258566756 To Portland-25:48
1930 (45)Track
5:02 PM33066066 To Portland-10:44
5887 (15)Track
5:02 PM3308700470 To Milw via 17-12:090%6555 (53)Track
5:02 PM33148088 To NE Dekum-13:100%6795 (38)Track
5:01 PM3318350835 To Oregon City TC-26:430%6348 (96)Track
5:01 PM3320351535 University of Portland-12:430%3611 (48)Track
5:02 PM16025201152 To Milwaukie-21:230%10446 (6)Track
5:01 PM16155202152 To Clackamas Town Ctr-11:160%8158 (22)Track
5:00 PM1902636763 To Oregon Zoo-16:540%3276 (9)Track
5:02 PM2002770277 To Troutdale-17:140%2439 (43)Track
5:01 PM2003120312 Parkrose TC-10:000%5054 (26)Track
5:01 PM2004660366 Hollywood TC-10:280%870 (11)Track
5:02 PM2011660166 Hollywood TC-16:160%7437 (19)Track

As ofVehicleBlockLine/DestinationE/LLoadPrev stopTrack
6:34 PM2101320332 To Clackamas CC-13:430%4181 (46)Track
6:34 PM21091011 Vermont via Maplewood-37:000%862 (50)Track
6:34 PM2111160516 To Sauvie Island-31:180%11837 (32)Track
6:34 PM2112351335 To Oregon City TC-53:550%6314 (55)Track
6:34 PM2116440744 Mocks Crest to St Johns-47:380%9547 (43)Track
6:34 PM2118350235 Greeley to Univ Portland-46:520%2197 (71)Track
6:34 PM2122773977 To Troutdale-17:510%4042 (21)Track
6:34 PM2128350635 University of Portland-54:120%3613 (46)Track
6:34 PM2133960196 To Commerce Circle-19:200%495 (15)Track
6:34 PM2145990299 To Clackamas CC-29:330%3833 (11)Track
6:35 PM2154850185 To Rose Quarter TC-28:250%2945 (10)Track
6:34 PM2156160616 To Sauvie Island-11:090%1922 (18)Track
6:34 PM2158990399 To Clackamas CC-48:040%3843 (10)Track
6:34 PM1139003Blue to Hillsboro-17:27
10121 (31)Track
6:34 PM1169016Blue to Gresham-15:26
9759 (19)Track
6:33 PM1229027Blue to Gresham-21:03
8336 (24)Track
6:34 PM1259010Red to Airport-16:21
8335 (9)Track
6:34 PM2204723972 Clackamas TC-18:240%7942 (63)Track
6:34 PM2207714171 To Clackamas Town Ctr-14:350%6648 (31)Track
6:34 PM2210123712 Parkrose TC-39:460%174 (39)Track
6:34 PM22209489 To Portland-27:090%143 (32)Track
6:34 PM2221873787 To Gateway TC via PHC-35:050%10724 (15)Track
6:34 PM2222194119 Gateway TC-25:550%2158 (86)Track
6:34 PM2232713671 To Clackamas TC-15:220%3226 (118)Track
6:34 PM2233713771 To 94th-Foster-21:500%6646 (102)Track
6:34 PM2238873687 To Gresham TC-55:330%8194 (45)Track
6:34 PM2241143810 To Portland-13:000%3641 (77)Track
6:35 PM22449344 To St. Johns-24:430%3485 (115)Track
6:34 PM2247173517 To SE 134th-37:2470%6473 (43)Track
6:34 PM2248725572 Swan Island-11:240%8033 (51)Track
6:34 PM2029052Red to Airport-16:23
8343 (21)Track
6:34 PM2250724172 Swan Island-16:380%3163 (99)Track
6:34 PM2253153415 Gateway TC-26:550%8935 (79)Track
6:34 PM2259194519 Gateway TC-12:390%853 (35)Track
6:34 PM2129065Green-Clackamas-13:13
8347 (16)Track
6:34 PM2261194419 Gateway TC-34:34
9526 (56)Track
6:34 PM2263193419 Gateway TC-17:220%9526 (59)Track
6:34 PM22664484 To St. Johns-16:230%6369 (89)Track
6:34 PM2189016Blue to Gresham-15:26
9759 (19)Track
6:34 PM2269010Red to Airport-16:21
8335 (9)Track
6:34 PM2275714671 To 94th-Foster-12:550%4725 (81)Track
6:34 PM2276313830 To Estacada-17:340%8723 (60)Track
6:22 PM2309071Yellow-Expo Ctr-11:08
11516 (17)Track
6:34 PM22799429 Gresham TC-21:460%7594 (5)Track
6:34 PM2319003Blue to Hillsboro-17:27
10121 (31)Track
6:34 PM2280873487 To Gresham TC-48:240%13506 (74)Track
6:34 PM2281773777 To Troutdale-24:200%2442 (45)Track
6:34 PM2339065Green-Clackamas-13:13
8347 (16)Track
6:34 PM2282713871 To Clackamas TC-16:370%7837 (71)Track
6:34 PM2283193819 Mt Scott-112th-28:110%2117 (20)Track
6:33 PM2429027Blue to Gresham-21:03
8336 (24)Track
6:35 PM2290194819 Mt Scott-112th-22:200%4032 (97)Track
6:34 PM2293204620 Gresham TC-20:110%5465 (62)Track
6:22 PM2479071Yellow-Expo Ctr-11:08
11516 (17)Track
6:34 PM2297103710 To 94-Foster-23:530%7293 (23)Track
6:34 PM22984394 To St. Johns-41:47
5375 (146)Track
6:31 PM2509061Green-Clackamas-14:32
13129 (22)Track
6:34 PM2301724872 Clackamas TC-22:570%7942 (108)Track
6:35 PM2306123512 Parkrose TC-71:3190%10793 (61)Track
6:34 PM2308203720 Gresham TC-59:560%772 (47)Track
6:34 PM2310713471 To 94th-Foster-12:530%989 (6)Track
6:34 PM2315793679 To Clackamas Town Center-19:560%8005 (36)Track
6:34 PM23164364 Gresham TC-20:4770%3639 (73)Track
6:34 PM3259052Red to Airport-16:23
8343 (21)Track
6:31 PM3279061Green-Clackamas-14:32
13129 (22)Track
6:34 PM4039047Red-Beaverton TC-15:26
8380 (16)Track
6:34 PM4189047Red-Beaverton TC-15:26
8380 (16)Track
6:34 PM25034144 To St. Johns-21:16
3976 (100)Track
6:34 PM2506170417 To SE 134th-31:560%631 (26)Track
6:34 PM25168038 To NE Dekum-27:510%6785 (31)Track
6:34 PM2521700970 To Milw via 13-10:560%4044 (43)Track
6:34 PM2524700836 To Tualatin P&R-11:180%12760 (10)Track
6:35 PM25254424 To St. Johns-30:010%1059 (149)Track
6:34 PM2530153515 Gateway TC-13:010%459 (65)Track
6:34 PM2531143614 To 94-Foster-28:400%6427 (46)Track
6:35 PM2532313430 To Estacada-17:180%9313 (51)Track
6:35 PM2537144414 To 94-Foster-22:190%10196 (34)Track
6:34 PM2538204720 Gresham TC-20:270%812 (32)Track
6:31 PM2539724472 Clackamas TC-22:09
12921 (64)Track
6:34 PM2547724372 Clackamas TC-18:530%8053 (81)Track
6:34 PM2548204220 Gresham TC-31:530%9354 (37)Track
6:34 PM2551204020 Gresham TC-46:5670%5471 (106)Track
6:34 PM2558724272 Swan Island-22:28
55 (85)Track
6:34 PM2559203920 Gresham TC-42:480%8511 (40)Track
6:34 PM2601441244 To PCC Sylvania-50:340%13212 (10)Track
6:35 PM260361016 Jantzen Beach-18:250%5918 (39)Track
6:34 PM2610320632 To Clackamas CC-15:230%8899 (80)Track
6:34 PM2611351035 University of Portland-40:260%6306 (3)Track
6:34 PM2615330933 To Clackamas CC-15:510%3668 (18)Track
6:34 PM2617440644 Mocks Crest to St Johns-30:05
6288 (85)Track
6:34 PM2623350735 To Oregon City TC-18:320%5511 (75)Track
6:34 PM2626170817 To Saratoga-13:450%4575 (10)Track
6:31 PM2629960696 To Commerce Circle-16:410%13053 (8)Track
6:35 PM26404124 Gresham TC-10:21
1475 (97)Track
6:34 PM2642170717 To SE 134th-28:540%7640 (39)Track
6:35 PM2648150615 Gateway TC-15:450%8935 (79)Track
6:34 PM2650660466 Hollywood TC-14:160%7440 (20)Track
6:34 PM2651171017 To Saratoga-27:090%625 (62)Track
6:34 PM2654120712 Parkrose TC-18:3970%5046 (39)Track
6:34 PM27056016 Jantzen Beach-15:010%13597 (12)Track
6:34 PM27061031 Vermont via Maplewood-29:330%155 (15)Track
6:34 PM2715170617 To Saratoga-65:420%7188 (74)Track
6:34 PM2717700670 To Milwaukie-21:070%6886 (78)Track
6:34 PM2719960796 To Portland-17:300%7893 (26)Track
6:34 PM2720441344 To Portland-14:340%956 (25)Track
6:33 PM27214094 Gresham TC-26:110%1359 (111)Track
6:34 PM2722170317 To Saratoga-56:410%6232 (65)Track
6:34 PM2725700370 To Milw via 17-15:190%4536 (57)Track
6:34 PM2801476848 To Hillsboro TC-11:430%10015 (36)Track
6:34 PM2802627062 To Sunset TC-10:520%4090 (41)Track
6:34 PM2803207020 Beaverton TC-17:340%12932 (139)Track
6:34 PM2817786976 To Meridian Hospital-16:280%9653 (21)Track
6:34 PM2819366936 To Tualatin P&R-42:510%5507 (33)Track
6:34 PM2828127112 To Tigard TC-18:110%10844 (61)Track
6:34 PM2829386938 To Tualatin P&R-44:240%1108 (3)Track
6:34 PM2837456745 To Tigard TC-29:450%1979 (41)Track
6:34 PM2838457045 To Tigard TC-29:330%6126 (54)Track
6:34 PM2907456845 To Portland-43:110%156 (65)Track
6:34 PM2914567054 To Beaverton TC-36:220%12944 (43)Track
6:34 PM2918566856 To Washington Square-65:370%13170 (47)Track
6:34 PM2919126712 Parkrose TC-63:560%13327 (51)Track
6:33 PM2920387138 To Tualatin P&R-30:400%3296 (46)Track
6:34 PM2925457145 To Portland-44:040%4318 (4)Track
6:34 PM2927926792 South Beaverton Exp-22:340%1927 (5)Track
6:34 PM2928126812 Parkrose TC-39:03
9526 (48)Track
6:34 PM29314444 To St. Johns-26:100%1718 (141)Track
6:33 PM2934127012 Parkrose TC-22:340%12762 (40)Track
6:34 PM2940937094 To Sherwood-20:1670%7616 (5)Track
6:33 PM3001773577 To Troutdale-34:580%2396 (74)Track
6:34 PM3006773477 To Troutdale-19:340%648 (34)Track
6:34 PM3009144014 To 94-Foster-12:490%1808 (37)Track
6:34 PM3010350435 To Oregon City TC-65:550%6304 (91)Track
6:34 PM3012726372 Clackamas TC-14:470%8008 (76)Track
6:34 PM30174404 Gresham TC-29:53
4818 (153)Track
6:34 PM3020194019 112th via 32nd-Rex-18:330%3946 (57)Track
6:34 PM3021725972 Swan Island-29:390%7991 (54)Track
6:34 PM3024723672 Clackamas TC-15:000%8018 (103)Track
6:34 PM3030793579 To Oregon City TC-30:000%6198 (23)Track
6:34 PM3032193619 To 112th via 28th-32:3590%3946 (57)Track
6:34 PM30349469 To Portland-10:410%4657 (64)Track
6:34 PM3037103610 To 94-Foster-32:570%2550 (38)Track
6:34 PM3041103910 To 94-Foster-17:430%3309 (7)Track
6:34 PM3042313531 To Estacada via Clackamas-11:280%13487 (9)Track
6:34 PM30439399 To Portland-47:55
4702 (75)Track
6:34 PM3044203520 Gresham TC-24:090%229 (25)Track
6:34 PM3045123612 Parkrose TC-50:0590%820 (50)Track
6:34 PM3047123812 Parkrose TC-14:360%156 (33)Track
6:34 PM3048723572 Clackamas TC-12:000%7978 (65)Track
6:34 PM3050723772 Swan Island-23:220%7999 (47)Track
6:34 PM3102170917 To Saratoga-40:4470%6232 (65)Track
6:34 PM3106210121 To Parkrose TC-15:08
10874 (32)Track
6:34 PM3113440244 Mocks Crest to St Johns-44:400%4817 (87)Track
6:33 PM3116120421 To Gresham TC-35:070%9095 (21)Track
6:33 PM31188058 To NE Dekum-26:180%9342 (24)Track
6:34 PM3122170117 To SE 134th-34:260%2762 (73)Track
6:34 PM31254074 To St. Johns-12:110%1612 (84)Track
6:34 PM3134120112 To Tigard TC-32:43
13330 (36)Track
6:33 PM31358158 OHSU-VA Hosp-15:270%7794 (38)Track
6:34 PM3137960596 To Commerce Circle-10:580%1108 (3)Track
6:34 PM3138350135 To Oregon City TC-32:410%5511 (75)Track
6:34 PM3139750431 To Estacada via Clackamas-29:410%8225 (19)Track
6:34 PM3140140114 To 94-Foster-15:530%3639 (45)Track
6:34 PM3146351235 University of Portland-36:570%11812 (41)Track
6:31 PM31478148 To NE Dekum-15:260%6842 (23)Track
6:34 PM3149320233 To Clackamas CC-13:500%6120 (62)Track
6:34 PM3152120212 To Tigard TC-23:580%5080 (25)Track
6:34 PM3153770577 To Troutdale-30:2670%10747 (56)Track
6:34 PM3154150115 Gateway TC-15:290%5007 (36)Track
6:34 PM3155700170 To Sunderland via 13th-27:560%13477 (78)Track
6:34 PM3157331033 To Clackamas CC-17:060%8494 (34)Track
6:34 PM31584034 Gresham TC-13:1370%1370 (116)Track
6:34 PM3161350535 To Oregon City TC-47:220%6319 (85)Track
6:34 PM3163170517 To SE 134th-21:4370%2770 (75)Track
6:34 PM3202770677 To Troutdale-10:440%8886 (17)Track
6:34 PM32046086 Jantzen Beach-14:100%5946 (28)Track
6:34 PM3216546956 To Portland-42:260%956 (41)Track
6:34 PM3220206720 Gresham TC-62:480%799 (68)Track
6:34 PM3222207320 Gresham TC-67:54
5397 (121)Track
6:34 PM3231436943 To Washington Square-17:490%1148 (20)Track
6:35 PM3232626862 To Washington Square-10:210%9958 (25)Track
6:34 PM3234567154 To Portland-57:010%9979 (45)Track
6:34 PM3236787176 To Beaverton TC-11:390%2271 (64)Track
6:34 PM3237627162 To Washington Square-17:49
8612 (43)Track
6:35 PM3240387038 To Tualatin P&R-71:410%3863 (33)Track
6:34 PM3245577657 To Forest Grove-12:500%4289 (66)Track
6:34 PM3246626962 To Sunset TC-36:540%1183 (49)Track
6:34 PM3253127212 To Tigard TC-30:190%194 (63)Track
6:34 PM3255546854 To Portland-57:480%1930 (40)Track
6:34 PM3256786776 To Meridian Hospital-12:210%13080 (57)Track
6:34 PM3258566754 To Portland-24:56
9979 (45)Track
6:34 PM3260546754 To Beaverton TC-42:370%8770 (8)Track
6:34 PM3301440344 Mocks Crest to St Johns-35:150%7751 (39)Track
6:34 PM33024114 To St. Johns-19:000%1723 (137)Track
6:34 PM3303120512 To Tigard TC-17:480%5113 (14)Track
6:34 PM3305171117 To Saratoga-11:12
7759 (61)Track
6:34 PM33066066 Jantzen Beach-30:51
5890 (30)Track
6:34 PM3308700470 To Sunderlnd-20:450%642 (47)Track
6:35 PM3315441144 Mocks Crest to St Johns-18:420%7751 (39)Track
6:34 PM33179024 Gresham TC-19:400%1475 (97)Track
6:34 PM3318350835 Greeley to Univ Portland-50:330%8886 (58)Track
6:34 PM3320351535 To Oregon City TC-28:360%6386 (14)Track
6:34 PM3322940994 To Sherwood-20:090%9519 (31)Track
6:34 PM3323751375 to St Johns-11:300%3467 (126)Track
6:35 PM1628510251 To Portland-19:230%4415 (38)Track
6:34 PM1902636763 To 18-Morrison-11:300%4345 (18)Track
6:34 PM20099039 To 98th Ave-31:1090%5239 (8)Track
6:34 PM2015990599 To Clackamas CC-14:420%3661 (7)Track

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punkrawker4783 said...

Everyone in our scheduling department were all once PartTime Operators, Then Full Time Operators, Then Supervisors before they got to the scheduling Dept. Scheduling is also still within the bus drivers union.