Saturday, November 8, 2014

Union absurdity

According to our union more people voted yes on the contract that lowered our health benefits than voted yes to the contract that preserved our full benefits!

How crazy is that? 
And what does that mean about our current union membership?

 It also appears that the language is different on the 'Tracking faster' than the actual union contract

You will see in the picture below that the language has been changed from the original 
It says clearly that the $425,00 will be paid to members that paid in excess of 6% of the premium costs.
Nothing about any signing bonus. 
Is the union intentionally distorting this?


Speakerofthepeople1 said...

In an earlier posting you said the Tracking Faster from the Union is the same as the Tribune. There is a difference in the Tribune article that I read it states "The agreement also makes a one-time $425,000 refund to union members who paid approximately $5 million more in higher health care costs over the past two years." In the summary I received from the union it also states " TriMet will pay $425,000.00 to those ATU members who paid in excess of 6% of the premium costs from January 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014". The Tracking Faster now states the $425,000.00 is a "signing bonus" that will only be distributed to members who are employed as of the date of ratification. I didn't know you could change what the members ratified and if that can be changed is this contract written in pencil so it can be erased and changed at any time? I have a call into Bruce Hansen but have not received a call back. There seems to be ALOT of differences from the Summary that was received in the mail and what is actually happening.

Al M said...

Yes that's actually true and that's actually what the trimet contract said also:

6.pdf - Box

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

I thought so, it is confusing and still nothing from the president.

Flatpicker John said...

There are three different funds to be reimbursed, two of them are related to the actual cost that employees paid,over the the right amount. The 425k is a fund that was left over from the bargaining fund that was allocated to Hit man Stedman by Tri Met, That is the so called signing bonus, it is completely temperate from the Health insurance funds. This is my understanding after asking everyone involved, and reading the contract.We still could have done better, much better, but this is correct.