Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Watch as the sock puppets give Neil Mcfarlane unending praise and a raise

We all know who the board of directors are. They are the sock puppets appointed by the governor to do the bidding of the Trimet general manager, who is the person in charge of everything that happens at Trimet. They are basically appointed as cheerleaders for the general manager.

Public satisfaction is at the lowest point in Trimet history yet these puppets extol the wonderfulness of Neil. The Trimet operators I know have the lowest morale since I have been associated with the organization yet the praise of Neil Mcfarlane is never ending.

For the first time in history the Secretary of State was instructed to perform an audit of Trimet, all under  the reign of Neil Mcfarlane.

All we see here is the true nature of the government we live under. It doesn't matter how much they fail (hell even the leaders of the national security state got commendations and raises after the biggest security failure in American history,-9/11) they will always get commendations and raises. Our government does not represent us, it hasn't in decades. Trimet is not unique here, this is standard operating procedure in our culture now.

Trimet board loves the Trimet general manager from al m on Vimeo.

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