Friday, November 28, 2014

Why do people like Mcfarlane get such absurd pensions and salaries

The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with providing transit to the local citizenry.
It's the millions and millions of dollars that pour through Trimet.

The 'important' part of Trimet that functions in near total secrecy.

Trimet is the conduit for hundreds of millions of dollars that get handed off to loads of contractor and affiliated agencies. Just take a look at the TRIMET CHECKBOOK

This huge money is funneled to the oligarchs via Neil Mcfarlane and before him Fred Hansen.
They are the executives in charge of making sure that money keeps flowing and keeps flowing to the right people.
And they get paid handsomely for it. 
Both men leave 'public service' with pensions that the working men or woman of Trimet can't come close to even if they work an 80 hour work week!
That is their payoff for making sure that money flowed  properly.

That is why the Trimet general manager is the unquestioned authority at Trimet, the Trimet board is there only to make sure that he gets what he needs.
Only a man that is an 'insiders insider' can be trusted as a Trimet General Manager.

Mcfarlane for example has been a miserable failure when it comes to his nuts and bolts transit system
Reliability down, ridership down, customer satisfaction down.
 Complete failure.

But when it comes to the capital projects and the HUGE amounts of money that flow through Trimet, Neil Mcfarlane is the man!  Every single contractor and agency linked to Trimet financially has prospered. 
It doesn't matter if the system actually functions properly, what matters is that all the government money that built the system  got into the hands of the right people.
Transit is for the 'little people' anyway.
 The oligarchs don't give a rats ass about the people that ride public transit.
Why do you think transit in the United States is so awful by world standards?

Neil Mcfarlane is the current boss of the PORTLAND LIGHT RAIL MAFIA , and he runs Trimet like a gangster runs an illegal empire.

And this is why he will retire from Trimet a rich man.

Believe it!

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