Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Latest Trimet propaganda

Trimet continues pumping out endless 'press releases' 'informing' us how wonderful they are.

For example Trimet is BRAGGING  about the $170 million dollars that went to 'minority' businesses.
Well that's nice of course but when its put into the proper context its really just a drop in the bucket.
Approximately 10% of the boondoggle bounty went to minority businesses, the rest went to the usual Portland insiders. It's not news, its propaganda.

And the DAMN BRIDGE is still appearing as 'news' several times each week. Yes they lit it up and it looks 'nice' and will be great in the travel brochures. The fact that it does NOTHING for most of the citizens is irrelevant. Most Portlander's are impressed with the dumb thing. They have totally disconnected from the fact that that project cost $1.5 BILLION dollars.
Another in the long list of Portland farces.

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