Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OPAL finally gets its extended transfer

Trimet has been stonewalling OPAL on this extended transfer for years, 4 years according to JOE ROSE.

This dispute started when Trimet installed those ticket printers and reduced the amount of time given to bus riders on weekends. Bus riders used to get a extra time on weekends to make transfers but the ticket printer eliminated extra time on the weekends.

OPAL had been trying to get that extra hour returned to bus riders and it tuned into this huge long drawn out ordeal because Trimet officials stonewalled after OPAL lodged a Title 6 complaint against Trimet 

Today Trimet gave OPAL a partial victory, a 2 1/2 hour transfer. Certainly an improvement and should help out lots of folks who are delayed by the never ending breakdowns and mechanical problems at Trimet.

What was not brought up at this meeting is that TRIMET PLANS ON INCREASING FARES AGAIN STARTING NEXT SEPTEMBER.  This is a short lived victory at best.

One curious quote from this last board meeting regarding this:

Bethel also expressed frustration at what he called OPAL's "bullying, intimidation and very disrespectful" tactics to get its way on fare transfers. 

That is a truly hilarious statement, turning actual events upside down. Either the man has lost his mind or he is intentionally lying on behalf of the Trimet officials, which is the more likely scenario.
Remember the Trimet board exists solely to defend the honor of the general manager and run interference for Trimet staff. They do not, nor have they ever, advocated for the riders of the Trimet system. They are all crony appointments made by the Democratic governor of Oregon who is heavily connected to the Light Rail Mafia

Knowing the Trimet board is deaf to Trimet consumers OPAL sponsored ONE DEMONSTRATION and SPOKE IN TONGUES at another meeting. And we have the HOMOPHOBIC Bethel whining about OPAL techniques.

What a sham the Trimet board is.
"DR" (in name only) Bethel constantly defends Mcfarlane and Trimet

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