Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Joe Rose gets another classic bullshit quote from Trimess

 Joe Rose finagled another  classic quote from Trimet, this one about the 'modest mouse' silly little music video which was basically an ad for Trimet. When Joe tried to get info on who financed this feel good video he got back the usual bunch of bullshit which resulted in another classic quote

Of course, the band or its labeled probably compensated TriMet - ergo, taxpayers -- for the use of one of its trains for the video shoot, right?
Actually, TriMet can't say for sure.

From agency spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt:(this is the quote)
The footage was shot in 2008, and we no longer have detailed records of this video shoot. We do know that it was shot over three days, mostly at night and after hours when MAX was not running. All of the trains in the shots with a coyote in them were special service trains rented by the filming crew. Again, we don't have the paperwork to give you the exact cost.
 Joe's response:

Maybe the coyote ate it.(hahaha! go look at the article and see how many people stick up for Trimet lies, incredible)

Modest Mouse's new music video is basically a glorified TriMet ad |


Chris Day said...

I do have to say that I do like the video. It was very well made and I have no issue about the video. The question that stands is the film crew had access to TriMet trains and operators to make this film. I am sure TriMet charged a price for this. The fact that there is no longer documents to state the amount made from this and where it went makes things questionable. Did upper management pocket the money? What type of deals where made? I find it interesting that they are not able to locate documents for that action done about 6 years ago but for me they are able to pull up documents more then 8 years old. Interesting on what documents they choose to keep or get rid of.

Max said...

If you want to film an out-of-service train (or bus, or whatever), here's the document that spells out the details (including costs).