Thursday, February 26, 2015

My puny pension takes another hit

We were promised our health care would be paid when we retired.
 Both the company and the union sold the Trimet retirees out without even a thought. 
The mainstream media as it always does ignored the story of how Trimet actually hurt people with their backdated austerity (austerity that was only imposed on union personnel).
My after tax pension is $760. 
Now I am forced to pay $188 because the union and the company lied to us when we retired. That is a 25% cut to my pension and leaves me with $572 to live on. 
But guess what? I still have to pay deductibles which is another 16% cut from what I was promised. That leaves me with $451 to live on. 
Don't forget these cuts were backdated to 1992. 
What this means for current Trimet union employees is no retiring till you hit medicare age. You're a wage slave and you can't get out anymore. 
The ones that got out and were lied too? Tough luck!

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