Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Neil Mcfarlane finally cashes my check

That's Neils signature right there!
Regular readers will recall that I filed a small claim against Mr Mcfarlane for illegally holding onto our health insurance rebate after a court demanded that Trimet refund it.
Unfortunately I forgot that small claims can be brought into civil court if the amount is over $600, needless to say Trimet brought the claim over there. I probably should have pursued this further but it most likely would have involved additional out of pocket expenses and still end up with me losing, so I surrendered and lost the case by default.

Anyway the court ordered me to pay Mcfarlane $150 in punitive damages. I actually went to the board meeting to give him his check. Like this guy needs my $150. We know how he is, and I said as much at the board meeting, GRAB WHAT YOU CAN NEIL, hey its MURICA, isn't that what Murican's do? Grab everything they can? My highly inflammatory and probably my last presentation ever (unless they try to steal from us again) to the Trimet sock puppets is below

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