Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Other interesting statistics

Supposedly there are less bus collisions than this time last year(I don't know why they don't list the total number of collisions for the month so this is suspicious) , more bus mechanical failures, MAX on time is getting worse (we knew that). It says that there was 100% pullouts? That means that every single bus came out of the garage as scheduled. How is that even possible?

One statisctic I find curious i 'weekly boarding riders per full time employee? What the hell is that and who came up with it? It's down 3%

The weekday boarding rides are up about 3% but the monthly boarding riders per revenue hour is down? Not sure what that means.

It also appears that the MAX statistics are better than last year? It sure doesn't seem like that when you listen to the daily operations.

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Jason McHuff said...

weekly boarding riders per full time employee

The number of riders divided by the number of employees (I'm assuming "full time" includes part time employees adjusted to be equivalent). It's a measure of how productive the agency is based on the amount of total workers.