Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trimet contractor says the public loves Trimet

This is the board presentation with my comments


Al M said...

1/100 of 1% of the regions population somehow is representative of the entire population.

That just makes no realistic sense at all

Jason McHuff said...

It's statistics. The idea is that a randomly selected sample will be representative of the whole. And they tried to make sure that their sample had the same makeup as the population does.

Furthermore, the actual questions are available so we can see how it was done.

But it would be nice if they could send a survey to all riders or at least not use cold calling.

-There wasn't a "neither approve or disapprove" category. But people could choose "fair" for the fare value question, so combining "good" and "excellent" is reasonable there.

-Non-riders do believe in dependent people having transit. They asked specifically about that and most rated it highly important. And look at all the other government benefits that exist for the needy.

-Without transit, not everybody who could drive probably would, but it certainly makes a difference in many congested areas.

-I can think of at least one person who it seems would say they're "not satisfied at all with TriMet". :) And I'm not sure if people who frequently suffer delays would be satisfied.

Overall, given that service generally runs, that this isn't a conservative area, and that there's no big ongoing scandals it's not too surprising that many people do at least somewhat approve of TriMet.

Given the low costs of private vehicle use, many people are OK with TriMet not serving their personal needs.