Sunday, February 1, 2015

Trimet 'art' vandalized

Top comments on this Portlandia disaster

You gave the guy his 15 minutes of fame by posting his tag and mentioning his name. Instant cred for him and encouragement for other vandals to seek the same.

It looks great leave it.

You are all missing the point here - They are installing penny round mesh back tile with a 3/16" v-notch trowel. The tile will fall off the wall from the weather and conditions before any vandals have time to destroy it.
Now please resume the "I belong in Oregon/you Don't " fight with each other.

I like it now.  What was it supposed to look like before?


I think they should convert it to a big picture of Stewie on Family Guy. Maybe that's what the vandal was trying to do.

If that's worth $70,000, then maybe Cylvia Hayes actually could have produced $118,000 worth of work for Clean Economy Development Conglomeration.

What a joke. How many potholes can be filled for $70k? It'd also pay for painting over 100 bike emblems on those bike friendly streets. You know the ones on the pavement that were somehow needed to help cyclists find their way that are also usually next to the bike street signs on poles. Art indeed.

If only that $70,000 could have gone to art that actually looks like it's worth $70,000.

akoni 3 days ago
Someone needs to deface those piles of rusty scrap metal at the foot of the Hawthorne and Morrison bridges.
In fact, any "art" using rusting scrap metal should be defaced until removed.
"$70,000 tax funded piece of art?"
$70,000? This is infuriating. Please, for the love of gawd can we run the ***holes out of civic leadership who spend our money like a bunch of drunken cowboys on their first night in Dodge City? Geezus..

$70,000 of tax payer money for that piece of garbage??? Thank you, Grovie-V-Cat for improving it. Maybe the artist should return part of their wealth for creating the "art" and it be redistributed to Grovie-V-Cat.

Portland's 'Sonic Dish' art under Tilikum Crossing defaced (who didn't see this coming?) |


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