Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trimet: capital projects junkies

Very few people understand that Trimet is  a property development agency employing a HUGELY BLOATED CAPITAL PROJECTS DEPARTMENT. Yes Trimet still provides transit services but the main thrust of Trimet these days is capital projects. Just watch any Trimet board meeting and you will see that almost the entire meeting is devoted to capital projects.

The only way these people can continue receiving their fat paychecks is to continually find ways to keep expanding. Now that the federal government has stopped funding these pork barrel light rail projects the Trimet capital projects department has its sights set on Powell Blvd.

It would be to simple to just plan for 5 minute service up and down Powell, riders would love never ever having to look at a schedule again to catch the bus. Buses wouldn't be over crowded and riding Trimet might be actually pleasant.

But there is  no money in that for the capital projects managers and their construction cronies.  According to them we have   to "re-do" Powell Blvd.  That would 'help' riders more than just having 5 minute bus service. Those of us that follow this material are well aware that none of the capital projects is about helping riders, its about developers and construction contractors such as Stacy+Witbeck.

And the propaganda campaign begins

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