Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trimet throws around more numbers

One thing I love about Trimet is the way they make pronouncements and statements of facts. They never provide any detailed evidence to back up these claims. Like the latest 'news release':

 TriMet to roll out $1.6 million in spring service improvements effective March 1
These proclamations are never followed by any specific breakdowns of exactly how they are spending this $1.6 million dollars, what we get is this:

A total of 18 bus lines, including 10 Frequent Service lines, will see adjustments that are focused on matching schedules to traffic conditions, relieving crowding and reducing wait and transfer times.

That doesn't really tell us anything does it. How is this costing $1.6 million of our tax dollars.

And then Trimet makes this statement:

In addition to these service improvements, transfer times will be extended from the current two hours to 2.5 hours for all bus and train trips beginning March 1.

NO mention of course that the extended transfer times are due 100% to the work of OPAL who had to wait YEARS and kept the pressure on Trimet for all that time.

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