Thursday, February 19, 2015

What happened to the trees at Gateway Transit Center?

They appear to have been replaced by asphalt. 
They took the trees out at 60th too!

I hear you. This is Oregon, by gum, and those trees really tied the MAX station together. But where you saw a little piece of Walden breaking up the soul-less concrete-and-steel commute, TriMet saw a potential hiding place for evil-doers.
 In early January, TriMet launched a five-year campaign to improve safety and security at 14 eastside MAX stations along 14 miles of track. Among other things, the $12 million project calls for 58 European hornbeam trees to be removed as a way to deter crime between the Cleveland and Hollywood stations.

 "Trees don't rob people," one rider tweeted, "robbers do!"

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