Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where is the Trimet/ATU757 contract?

The total working and wage agreement with Trimet is over 100 pages long.
There is no copy of this document at either the Trimet site or the ATU site. (Trimet has the tentative agreement only)  
A union member asked to see a written copy of the contract and was told that 'they are working on the final language'. (huh?)

The reason this is coming up is that members who chose the Kaiser coverage are finding that the coverage they are getting is not the coverage they voted yes on. Specifically they are now being charged fees for  services which they were not before.
The $5 payment for services was raised to $10, there was no mention of additional fees for additional service.
 It appears there may be a 'bait and switch' going on with the health care part of the contract.
Members want to see the final contract with all the specifics and side letters.

This information should be posted on line, at the Trimet site and at the union site. 
Why is it not there?
Why is it not anywhere?

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