Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy anniversary to me!

Its been 3 years this week that I stopped driving buses for Trimet. I actually didn't officially 'retire' until May but being a high seniority professional part time driver over there I was able to cobble together 2 months of time off till my official retirement.

It sure doesn't feel like 3 years, it feels like yesterday. Probably cause I am still so involved in blogging about Trimet.
I can't believe I made it 15 years there. I was actually an excellent bus driver technically speaking. 15 years without a single accident and the only complaints I had were phony complaints from my dispute with BikePortland. I enjoyed the riders, they gave the job meaning. The company, well the company turned out to be a piece of shit, abusing me in my last year of employment and then lying to me (and everyone else that retired since 1992)  about my retirement benefits. 
But I will admit that my 15 years spent at Trimet turned out to be one of the most profound experiences of my life so for that I thank the company.

Below the break is my most famous movie from my bus driving days at Trimet
HOW TO DRIVE AN OLD BUS, which was filmed by my old buddy Dave Stubblefield.

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