Friday, March 13, 2015

Mainstream media (Joe Rose) keeps bashing union employees

Joe Rose, who did some excellent reporting of Mcfarlane's looting of the Trimet treasury, was never a friend to the union worker at Trimet.

This latest story is troubling. We all know that the mainstream media is instrumental in pushing the government agenda and influencing the minds of the public. Here is the lead paragraph in Joe's latest story:

TriMet says its just-released proposed budget for the 2016 fiscal year will continue to put the agency "on solid financial footing" even as the specter of $1 billion in unfunded retirement obligations continues to loom on the horizon.  

Now that is the same propaganda that was thrown around during the last union vs Trimet dispute. I asked Joe about that and here is what he said:
Until TriMet provides updated numbers, those are the latest numbers.

In other words Trimet is still throwing around the old numbers. 
Take that one step further, Trimet will be coming back for more givebacks.
I have said this before, Trimet executives cannot be trusted.
I fear the current leadership of ATU757 has been hoodwinked.
Read the mainstream media crap HERE!

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