Friday, March 20, 2015

Trimet putting in 2 (as in two) gated max stations

Why in the world bother with  only two?
In the 1980s, TriMet planners ruled out turnstile entrances because the devices would have dramatically driven up costs and conflicted with Portland's neighborly reputation
Joe Rose HERE


Nonpartisantoo said...
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Nonpartisantoo said...

By only installing two they're setting them up for failure. There will be incompatibilities. There will be hardware failures. There will be issues with passengers getting through. Then TriMet will say "See, they don't work, so there's no reason to expand them to all stations" and disable them or take them out.

Homeostasis returns. All is right in the TriMet world. And no one will ever again bring up the idea of turnstiles and a closed system.

Jason McHuff said...

Two allows them to be tested out, and I'm guessing they were able to design the stations to be capable for turnstiles.