Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ATU757 campaign rules clarified

CHRIS DAY was asking for clarification regarding freedom of speech issues and union campaigning.The clarification came today

The Election Committee has been able to clarify TriMet’s position regarding campaign activities on TriMet property.  The attached letter (“TriMet property campaign rules clarified – 06012015) is a letter from ATU General Counsel to Randy Stedman articulating the parties’ understanding.  Subject to the conditions of this letter, you may now campaign on TriMet property.  Please read the letter carefully as it expresses the limitations of your ability to campaign on TriMet property.  You are advised that TriMet will continue to enforce its rules as expressed in the clarification letter as well as TriMet’s original rules (attached as “TriMet employer rules”).  The Election Committee requests that all campaigns conduct your activities in a manner that both respects TriMet’s work mission and the continuing desire of all candidates to campaign at TriMet property.

Additionally, please be mindful of where your campaign literature or other paraphernalia is left when you leave TriMet property.  Candidates or campaigns are not permitted to leave materials on tables, chairs, vehicles, employee mailboxes or any other area not designated for posting in the original TriMet campaign rules.  Candidates are responsible for cleaning up all materials before you leave. 

The Election Committee wishes all candidates the best of luck in your campaigns.

In solidarity,
ATU Election Committee

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