Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why can't our union executive officers follow the bylaws? EVER?

Regarding the DAN MARTIN PREFERRING OF CHARGES  CHRIS DAY sent the following letter to BRUCE HANSEN

I have been pushing for one simple thing and that is for the rules to be followed. I have received a lot of heat for filing “Preferring of Charges”. In my attempts to file these charges officers have failed to follow our bylaws and constitution resulting in delays and it not being handled properly. This notice is an example of that. The three things to take note about this notice is 1. The notice date May 26, 2015 2. The reading date June 8, 2015 and 3. Bruce signed this notice. From May 26 to June 8 is less than 15 days’ notice. Our constitution clearly states that at least 15 days’ notice be given before the regular meeting. Bruce claims to be aware of our constitution and states that he follows it yet here is his signature to a notice that is in violation of our constitution.

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