Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Good story about the travails of Trimet bus drivers

Methy couple gets on, stands in front. Driver tells them they need to move back so people can get by. Woman goes from 0-60, yells that she's disabled and NEEDS TO LEAN.

Guy starts moving back and falls as he tries to sit in a seat. Woman continues yelling at the driver about how terrible a driver she is and that she'll report her. Driver ignores her and asks the guy if he needs medical. He keeps murmuring so she keeps asking him to speak up, causing the woman to yell louder. Driver turns off AC to hear, causing lady behind me to start yelling about turning the AC back on.

Finally get to the stop in which the drivers switch, and the driver leaving asks the guy to fill out a form to document falling.

A guy waiting to board loudly asks "are you going to take forever to change drivers?" Which somehow escalates to him screaming obscenities at both drivers from the sidewalk. Horrible things..

Then passengers start yelling at him, including a large man in a tie-dye pot t-shirt who walks all the way to the front to yell "I got my son on this bus! Can you stop cursing?!" And then proceeds to curse just as prolifically. They start yelling at each other through the windows, and are threatening to fight each other for some reason.

Whole bus smells like pee, but you already knew that.

On the worst TriMet bus ride ever AMA : Portland

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