Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Something fishy going on at The Trimet

Earlier this evening, I was on a Hillsboro-bound Blue Line train when two guys boarded. They were wearing plain white polos, with a discolored TriMet patch on the sleeve that said "Road Supervisor" underneath and asking passengers for their tickets. They had no identification cards or badges.
It seemed a little odd, as I thought TriMet had dedicated fare inspectors and wore uniforms/identification that looked a little more official.
Here's where it gets real weird: A third guy boarded the train with them, looking extremely disheveled. He had shorts, a tattered black t-shirt, and was carrying an old bag full of junk. He was also wearing a ratty old hat with the former TriMet logo that said "Supervisor" underneath it, a radio with one of those Secret Service earpieces that was hanging over his shoulder, and a police badge on his belt that had a TriMet logo. He was trying to hide the badge, and when the other "fare inspectors" came by, they asked for his ticket and acted like they didn't know each other.
When the train got to the next stop, they all left the train together too. Is this normal? Was the third guy some kind of half-ass undercover transit police officer? Is it normal to have Road Supervisors looking for fare evasion on MAX? The whole thing was just super sketch and fishy.
 Bizarre fare enforcement activity on MAX earlier : Portland

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Anonymous said...

Road supervisors have been serving as fare inspectors for awhile now. Not sure about the undercover guy.