Monday, July 13, 2015

Trimet anarchist Bob Cummings calls it quits

Good old Bob has been my 'partner in crime' for quite a few years now. 
A real fighter for justice  Bob produced and directed the PLIGHT OF THE TRIMET RETIREES , an excellent video production telling the true story of how the Trimet benefit cuts actually impacted current retirees.
 That story was never told in any other media.

In his parting photo he gives the Trimet salute!
He hit the magic 58 years old and bailed out of the Trimess!

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Al M said...

I know that Bob was somewhat difficult to deal with, hell even I had a major deal with him back when I worked at Center Street.

Bob and I patched up our differences because both of us had bigger fish to fry than each other.

People have no idea how important Bob was to the fight against Trimet tyranny, this guy was a major behind the scenes player.