Monday, August 24, 2015

Trimet Facebook

I actually hate Facebook but I keep my account and even post over there. (I'm really a twitter person and spend almost all my social media time with twitter) Trimet Facebook is highly entertaining.    I take special interest in all the people that choose to stand up against the prevailing paradigm and whether the attacks from the Trimet shills! These are the best comments from the people who challenged Trimet's decision to go ahead with the fireworks on one of the most polluted days in Portland history. We know that loads of people complained about this on Twitter

Jeremie D. Ha Those nickels and quarters add up. I'm a former daily Trimet rider. I had to switch to driving because service to Tigard got so unreliable I couldn't use it anymore.

Rudwung Gary Linda ja ja ja.....I reserve table and watch my city become a giant smoke pot. ja ja ja...

Mark Colman We can't breathe, there was an extremely unhealthy air warning, but you just want to add to it with your typical wastefulness and abusive corporate rights.

Issued by The National Weather Service Portland, OR
...See More

Alex Daurora How much money did those fireworks cost? Fireworks are expensive. How does fireworks accomplish your goal of transporting people?

Erik Halstead Tara - in response to your comment about the great picnic tables, here's a suggestion: TriMet's job does not involve picnic tables, but it does involve bus stops. I would LOVE to see TriMet live up to its responsibility and build, in ONE year, 2,000 new bus stops. And let's get those tradewomen jobs - pouring concrete, erecting steel shelters, installing signs, electrical work, lighting, CCTV systems, lighted schedule signs, and more.

THAT is TriMet's job, the safety and security, of ALL of its riders. Not putting on pretty little parties for light rail fans. THAT is something I would love to celebrate - bus stops. The cost of the Fireworks party alone could have improved transit for hundreds if not thousands of riders for years to come, but instead TriMet blew the money on a six hour long party that is pretty well forgotten by now, and had zero impact to transit usage except for one night.

And, the Tradeswomen could leave their mark all over the city building the bus stops, and the entire region would see their hard work, every day of the year for decades to come.
Gary Piazza Not enough food vendors you guys. Long lines at the only three serving savory food.
Lindsay Haddy I actually know many people who have to leave town every July 4th, because they have pets who are traumatized by fireworks.
Sarah Brooks The panic brought on by fireworks cause many squirrels to abandon their babies or cause disorientation to return home safely. Small mammals, birds and butterflies exhibit risky life threatening behavior due to fireworks, and water birds and fish die often from ingesting debris. Basically, fireworks suck!
Lenko Kovach How much noise, how much poisones gasses, how much greenhouse gasses this will get into atmosphere? And for what?
Mel Heywood TriMet, please cancel the fireworks! Very tonedeaf decision!
Brandi Morgan are you still planning to have fireworks??? the winds and fires everywhere makes me wonder if this is a wise move? please let us know if this gets cancelled.
Brandi Morgan well jeff, as i am sure you know, from all of your science classes, that when fire danger is high and WINDS are high, a little firework can cause a big problem! river or no river. they can misfire. it happens.
Shaun Freiburg Why are you being drink nazis trimet? What business is it of yours if someone wants to drink a "outside beverage" - like a diet pop.
Jennifer Cox But still fireworks should wait. This hole fire thing is out of control.. Half u people don't understand
Mel Heywood Jeff Johnson, why are you so pro-fireworks? I called the decision "tone deaf", which it is.
Bob Bari Fireworks waste of tax payers money to begin with. Add into the poor air quality conditions and it becomes totally irresponsible.
Bob Bari Yeah. But we and our pets have to hear it
Jen Chernoff i'm ok with cancelling the fireworks. too much smoke. frown emoticon
Jeremie D. Ha The agency that pleads poverty can afford this party? Stick to spending money on TRANSIT and ONLY transit.
Jeremie D. Ha Any Trimet money spent not on its core purpose (providing transit) is a waste.
Jeremie D. Ha You bet. That means no proof. Even if it's donated, Trimet will still need to use staff and other resources. Meanwhile, where I work in Tigard, the service is always late with crunch loads on the 12.
Austin Macken Trimet has been running busses max and streetcar over this bridge for more than 2 months now. They keep a gate locked and a security patrol on the bridge during trimets "business operating hours". How much "training" does a max conductor or bus driver ...See More
Mike Inportland Great bridge, but fireworks? In these conditions? Bad decision.
Bill Beyer I agree the fireworks should be cancelled
Jennifer Cox With all bad fires going on, bad idea with fireworks..
Erik Halstead This would be a GREAT opportunity for TriMet to showcase its bus service by running special event buses...and not just from downtown.
Matthew Lane Fireworks, dowtown over a river or not. Still, BAD IDEA, Jeff Johnson.
Kevin Accuardi-Gilliam The street car is a complete joke. Don't bother riding it. It's slow, crowded and unreliable. A complete waste of money and time. If TriMet wants to advertise using the street car, they should also consider adding more cars to the service. Having hundreds of people converge on southwaterfront for a TriMet sanctioned event with no TriMet (the transportation company) support is poor planning, at best.
Matthew Lane Celebrating a bridge, thats part of a trymet line that was voted down how many times be the people only to be crammed down our throats any ways? Tymet, the ONLY way.
Matthew Lane Oh boy. THere goes finding a seat on the 35. Is this REALLY that big of a deal? S'pose this is going to happen for the new Sellwood bridge as well. I better plan on a longer comute for Saturday now. Thanks, Trymet.
Zach Fischer Sounds like another event like the Blues Festival and Flugtag that will be over-priced and over-crowded with a bunch of transplant hipsters who would prefer to stand in front of everyones view rather than sit and enjoy. Seating will be a nightmare unle...See More
Zach Fischer It wont inconvenience me. I wont be there. It will inconvenience anyone trying to commute through downtown, and will surely inconvenience everyone planning on actually attending.

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