Tuesday, August 11, 2015

TRIMET: Taxation without representation

Trimet is the perfect  unaccountable government organization.
Trimet is a tax funded government agency but without the accountability that most government agencies have. 
Trimet has a puppet board of directors, all cronies of the current governor in power. The puppet board does the bidding of the General Manager who is always an insider of the Portland Light Rail Mafia. 
Somehow the power brokers were able to get a law passed through the Oregon Legislature that allows the puppet Trimet board of directors to raise taxes.  It's the most undemocratic process I have ever seen. And of course they will have the obligatory public comments that they routinely ignore in these matters.

And as always they disguise their true intentions by telling us things like: TriMet, responding to what it says will be a dramatic demand for new service (trimet ridership has been flat for a long long time) 

TriMet, the region's public transit agency, is making the move based on projections that the Portland region will add 400,000 new residents over the next 20 years. (right, sure)

Starting in 2016, the increase would raise about $4.3 million in the first year and $43 million in the 10th, said Mary Fetsch, a TriMet spokeswoman.(and of course lots of that will go to trimet executives)

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