Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trimet Facebook always a fun read

Especially the post about the flood. always enjoyable tug of war between Trimet apologists and crticis

Jerry Whitaker poop poop brown line
Erik Halstead
Erik Halstead So you apologize to your cherished, valued, VIP MAX riders.

When are you going to apologize to your dedicated bus riders, for failing to invest in the bus fleet, refusing to add service or add high capacity buses, ignoring unsafe bus stops, and more?...See More
Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Nevermind that they've recently added service back, bought new buses, and are planning on BRT in the very near future.
Erik Halstead
Erik Halstead 1. They have not fully restored all of the bus service cuts; in fact they have not come close.

2. The new buses came after deferring/delaying bus purchases for 12 years - when has TriMet deferred routine, ordinary MAX maintenance for 12 years?...See More
M Edward Camofleur
M Edward Camofleur A lot of folks ride MAX and the bus. They're not distinct, separate groups of people.
Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Hater! They are being forced to study it? That tells me you have no idea how these projects get selected.
Erik Halstead
Erik Halstead Mike Mullins Really? They are forced to study other options. If they weren't required by federal law, they wouldn't bother with BRT. But thanks for pulling out the name-calling and personal attack. Clearly we know who has the correct argument, and who is resorting to being a bully.
Al Margulies

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David Conrad
David Conrad For heaven's sake, if the big earthquake were to hit tomorrow and take out the MAX, some of you folks would still blame TriMet.
Chris Matthew
Chris Matthew Trimet managers told train operators to drive though... They are to blame here...
Leslie Hanson
Leslie Hanson It rains all the time here. I'm sure they thought it was just another rainy night. Is Trimet to blame or the cities clogged sewer drains?
Paige Kaitlyn Brooks
Paige Kaitlyn Brooks Leslie Hanson or the streets not panned off for flooding
Theresa Mann
Theresa Mann Stop Blaming TriMet & fix The darn sewer drains, come on City of Portland !
Brian L Vanhardenberg
Brian L Vanhardenberg Leslie Hanson Nope. ODOT needs to blame the city tongue emoticon
Christine Borquez
Christine Borquez God bless you sir.
Safet Ramic
Safet Ramic There always the bus to get off from the Max. No excuse. I blaming the operators.
Billy Bearden
Billy Bearden It's a lil bit of water people. Tri-met has safely delivered us through snow, ice, sleet, Hail, wind, and last, but apparently not least, water. Why are we trying to blame anybody? If you were on board, u got where u were going a lil quicker than u otherwise would have and a lil wetter than u otherwise would have. Thank u tri-met for continuing to serve us, and striving for perfection
Al Margulies

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Victoria Catherine Rieth
Victoria Catherine Rieth so glad i wasn't on this train..... maybe the city needs to FIX THE SEWER DRAINS????? unclog all the street drains? the streetcar was suspanded of service due to flooding, why not max? till the water was drained? i nearly got stranded too, but my max train operator announced the streetcar closure. so i had to go downtown and get a bus..... man were the streets flooded all over! at least i got home safely though
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy No one was hurt. I'm sure lessons were learned, including that people would have been just as angry had Trimet shut the system down rather than run the trains through flooded streets. Give them a break. They do a fine job day in and day out moving us around this town.
Alice Forsythe
Alice Forsythe Quick quiz for all those folks complaining--if they had left those compromised cars in service and something far worse had happened as a result, which lawyer would you call?
Amber Branch
Amber Branch People are unreal, expecting y'all to be super-powered and different than every other cars, with no perspective. You're a bus. Train. flooding conditions, forced to do Better than the rest....earthly conditions are what they are. I'd rather you err on the side of caution, so i can continue to rely on you to always be my SAFE BET!! PLEASE PLEASE NEVER relent to the pressure to perform, at risk of slightest safety.
Still counting on, and believing in, you TriMet!! Thank you!!
Daniel Freshwater
Daniel Freshwater I would be more concerned with the lawsuits against trimet then the trains
Bearded Man
Bearded Man Buy everyone new shoes. Also people that sit in an office should not be able to make decisions like this they should have sent a a supervisor or a mechanic to look and make the decision. service is interrupted and the mechanics have more work that could have been avoided and saved the tax payers money.
Justin Lord
Justin Lord Would anyone at tri-met have walked thru that three foot deep junkie needle/human waste/sewage lake wearing sneakers & jeans? Especially if you've seen the disgusting human fecal waste down there... Ask the tri-met workers that use the brick storage bu...See More
Ekaterina Nasedkin
Ekaterina Nasedkin 90% of what I am reading: "F*ck you for apologizing!"... Well Trimet, I for one appreciate your humility. Mistakes happen. No motorized scooters seem to have been ruined, and yet, everyone seems to be dwelling on hypotheticals. "If it were me on that MAX, you'd be buying me a new.." Who gives a f*ck? It wasn't you on that MAX. Were you so inconvenieced by this event that you weren't actually present for, you had to log on and make a big stink? Trimet has obviously learned their lesson, and will be making appropriate changes to protocol, with or without your valuable contribution to their Facebook page. Learn how to accept an apology.
Jason Downs
Jason Downs Come on guys, this was pretty ridiculous and completely unacceptable. One of the external videos shows the water nearly reaching the center windows of a type 2/3.

Now we get to deal with additional crowding on trains which are already sardine cans during rush hour. Plus taxpayers are, in the end, on the hook for untold repair bills.

This, plus the stabbing at the increasingly disturbing Beaverton TC on Monday morning has me re-evaluating my commute.

You need to clean things up, TriMet. Figuratively and literally. Your hubris is showing.
Jessica McNamee
Jessica McNamee A male was attacking his girlfriend when another male intervened to try and help. The man that was attacking his girlfriend stabbed the man that was trying to help.
Jessica McNamee
Jessica McNamee All three of them were transients.
Jerrilyn Guinth
Jerrilyn Guinth So what if they were homeless! Does that mean it's ok for a guy to beat on a woman at a TC? Does it mean that the guy who tried to stop him was not standing up for what was right?
Kati Vander Linden
Kati Vander Linden I think the point was a that the stabbing had nothing to do with Trimet, just happened at a transit center
Matthew Boyet
Matthew Boyet So many flaws on your ignorant comment
Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Yes, the stabbing and homelessness in general is basically all TriMet's fault. Oh, and daylight savings time too.
Jason Downs
Jason Downs The safety of people in and around a TC is the responsibility of TriMet, yes. They've been allowing transients to congregate in and around the place for months, which obviously included at least one armed psychopath.
Mike Mullins
Scott Aron Bloom
Scott Aron Bloom there is virtually no security on trimet.
Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Yep...and all the cameras on board are for employee selfies. Transit Police are also so bad they're only allowed to arrest criminals.
Jason Downs
Jason Downs Mike Mullins Seriously, you should either get a clue or take your asinine attitude somewhere other Facebook. You're just making a fool out of yourself.
Al Margulies

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Pauline Long
Pauline Long Tri-Met ... I have a Victory10 Mobility scooter and God Forbid if I was on that train, Tri-Met would be buying me a new one. All electronics on a scooter/wheelchair is easily ruined in heavy rain and to repair costs more than buying a new one. Not to mention we would have been stranded on the train until a cab could have come get me...flood electronics, the chair/scooter does not work, it's dead.. Tri-met would have been buying me a new scooter and providing me transportation until said scooter was deleivered...people on foot can avoid water, scooter/wheelchairs cannot, esp. in inches of water
Jenn Stanley Your reply is ridiculous. If the chair is ruined in heavy rain, which it was doing that day, why would you be out in it? I would say, take some personal responsibility. Nature happens. Not sure that Trimet could control the flooding outside. But please let them know how they can avoid torrential downpours in the future to save your wheels.
Pauline Long
Pauline Long we can keep the tops dry, not the bottoms, people in chairs have to work so frequently we are out, the flooding rain hit in a short time period...the train did not have to go thru the water, that was irresponsible of them. Perhaps an able bodied person doesnt understand this, live a day in a disabled persons chair and get a clue, we don't just sit and wither away
David Conrad
David Conrad Then perhaps you should be directing your reply to the actual agency that deals with blocked gutters, as there were huge puddles in many street areas than just on the MAX incident that day which would have affected many disabled people.
Pauline Long
Pauline Long I wasn't out myself, but have had to avoid clogged drains, they are a pain, but again, tri-met did not have to go thru the water. They could have brought in shuttle buses
Taylor Jean Grady
Taylor Jean Grady Rain on a wheelchair is very different from a wheelchair suddenly being submerged in nearly a foot of water. The brakes of a car can't even always recover from that. They even said the TRAINS were damaged! I'm sorry but if there was a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair damaged by Trimet's decision to barrel through floodwaters with zero consideration for its passengers, hell yes they are responsible for repairing/replacing them if you ask me. A person on the street can go around a puddle, take a detour if need be, but if you're on a moving train there's no avoiding the water if it comes rushing in like that. And the ableism in this thread is trash, btw.
Jenn Stanley
Jenn Stanley Pauline Long you specifically said they can get ruined in heavy rain.
Pauline Long
Pauline Long Yes they can...but if you recall this water was AFTER the heavy rain, the rain had stopped. In heavy rain electronics can be ruined. If someone was coming home from work AFTER the rain stopped they could have been on this train - AFTER the rain stopped.
Jenn Stanley
Jenn Stanley There were plenty of flood warnings. Everyone would have thrown a fit if the Max wasn't running. We should be lucky we HAVE this type of transportation. Everyone is so quick to point out flaws in the system..find a solution, don't be part of the problem.
Taylor Jean Grady
Taylor Jean Grady Solution: don't run through deep standing water. Use shuttle buses. Max trains get delayed all the time. People get annoyed but it's not dangerous. The vast majority are understanding when buses and trains are delayed for hazards
Pauline Long
Pauline Long had it been a delay, no worries, but running thru flooded waters, not responsible. That's the last I'll say on the topic. The rules said to NOT run when water goes over the rails. This driver clearly chose to do different and he was not even going "...See More
Harold Metzger
Harold Metzger Pauline, until TriMet actually damages your property, STFU.
M Edward Camofleur
M Edward Camofleur You're all arguing over something that didn't even happen.
Kelli Washburn
Kelli Washburn Pauline the buses could not have gone through that water no shuttle buses. I think they were trying to please the whining public and made a bad choice. I don't think they did it on purpose, just to ruin someone's chair. They were trying to get everyone where they needed to go...Just saying
Erik Halstead
Erik Halstead Kelli Washburn The buses would never travel down 1st Avenue where the MAX line was flooded. If shuttle buses were used, they would have run well above the flooded area.
Kelli Washburn
Kelli Washburn Yes Erik Halstead, that was my point. She kept saying trimet should have used shuttle buses instead but the buses could not get there and her beloved wheelchair would have gotten ruined either way. It's not Trimet fault, they were trying to get people where they needed to go.
Erik Halstead
Erik Halstead Kelli Washburn The buses would have served the 1st & Oak station, but they would have travelled west along Stark and Oak, probably to the Transit Mall, then south, to connect back with the MAX line. They wouldn't have driven underneath the Morrison Bridge. They could have even just taken 2nd and 3rd Avenues to serve the Yamhill District and Morrison/3rd Stations. The buses would have gotten people where they needed to go, without costing taxpayers millions of dollars in avoidable damage repairs.
Al Margulies

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Jeffrey Kirkpatrick
Jeffrey Kirkpatrick On the news tonight clearly dispatch told MAX operator to continue to go through the water even though MAX operator told them it was like a lake. The union was right and TriMet lied to public stating they didn't tell operator to continue way to go TriMet
Scott Aron Bloom
Scott Aron Bloom The driver has final authority to stop the train.

Even if the operators told them to drive through, based on standing water, they should have realized it had gotten worse and stopped
Theo P. Quiroz-Sofianos
Theo P. Quiroz-Sofianos How about they could've just warned people that they were going thru the water so ppl would've been prepared. The videos seem like nobody knew they were going thru the water as they were scattering to get out of the way to not get their feet and clothes wet as fast as they could
Teresa Fletcher
Teresa Fletcher If the Max stopped running because of the water I bet the same amount of anger would be flooding Trimet.
Serena Elchanan
Serena Elchanan Honestly the amount of negativity in these comments is awful. They were between a rock and a hard place. Stopping service would've caused big issues too. Stop the train, where are those hypothetical motor scooters going to go? How will they avoid every...See More
Carl Rout
Carl Rout Nice call trimet max cars not cheap to repair
Andrew Choate
Andrew Choate um no. Upper mgt should have stopped service when the rains started. You all had plenty of advance notice. Blaming your operators is a typical management chickenshit move.
Robin Litchman Gardner
Robin Litchman Gardner Id like my all day pass back. Basically I arrived at the Sunset transit center on 10/31 planning on riding Max to and from the Blazer game. I activated my phone ap all day ticket when I got out of my car. Then I got to the platform and was told MAX ...See More
Mike Mullins
Mike Mullins Poor judgement call for sure, but not the end of the world. Hearing folks complain about our world-class transit system is both annoying and tiring.
Leslie Hanson
Leslie Hanson I don't really know what everyone expected Trimet to do. If they had totally stopped service in pouring rain, made everyone get off and wait for buses I'm sure people would have been even more upset. At least they got people to where they needed to be ...See More
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Come on, people. Life isn't perfect. There was a freak storm and some trains and passengers got wet. It's not the end of the world. Enough already. People need to stop whining about Trimet so that Trimet can stop feeling compelled to pass the blame on to its drivers. Things happen. Now we clean up and move on. Get over it.
Emily Reger
Emily Reger So you forced the trains through the flood now 5 days later we are dealing with the single trains. Awesome.
Will J. Bonfiglio
Will J. Bonfiglio So maybe people were safe, but 6 inches would have flooded a Power Wheelchair and/or power scooter, if there's damage to those is tri-met going to buy those diabled people a new chair? It flooded right into the handicap section
Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen Luis Maldonado could have been us on Saturday
Martin Maldonado
Martin Maldonado Get a car or shut up. It was unfortunate and dumb, but it certainly isn't as big a deal as some of you want it to be. Complaints for the sake of complaining.
Jennifer Sult
Jennifer Sult Get over it people at least was hurt
Shauna Puckett
Shauna Puckett I'm so confused why those people are just standing in it! I would have stepped back up onto the stairs...
Brie Beazley
Brie Beazley You suck, TriMet.
Dawn Hall
Dawn Hall I am. Glad I was not on the train.
Jennifer Harrington
Jennifer Harrington Controller told them too roll through slow, not the operators fault....
Nathan Foley
Nathan Foley Go by submarine!
Jason Branscum
Jason Branscum Wow what a joke trimet
Sterling Pullen
Sterling Pullen Hopefully some people were sent to look for new jobs elsewhere. This whole thing was beyond STUPID!
Eileen Bellamy
Eileen Bellamy Personally, I appreciate TriMet. At least they apologize for their fault which I am grateful for. Thankfully, I stayed home that night because I had no shifts. Otherwise, I would have just gotten galoshes and roll with it.
Nathan Pachmayr
Jenn Lyon
Jenn Lyon I love how the younger girl just stands there acting as if there is nothing wrong!
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez They saying sorry, because it been seen all over the country. If that had not happened. They will not sorry. Shame on you trimet!!
Brian Owendoff
Kamron Forsyth
Kamron Forsyth i blame Obama for all this!
Edward B Topor
Edward B Topor This is why the Tri-Met board needs to be elected....someone would actually get fired,
Mike King
Mike King So a train got wet, boo hoo. It rained a ton that day. Dry and clean the train and let's move on.
Tori Klinger Krueger
Tori Klinger Krueger Appreciate the update. Its nice that you're keeping your riders informed.
Katelynn Opp
Katelynn Opp I can't believe that the driver(s) would do that

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