Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trimet driver gets DUI on the job

Sunday night in the wilds of Hillsboro, a TriMet driver was cited for DUII.
According to Mike Rouches of the Hillsboro Police Department, police were notified of the situation at 11:20 pm when concerned citizens riding the bus began calling the police.
A statement put out by Hillsboro PD says: "Officers were alerted by passengers that the driver was driving the bus erratically. Upon stopping the bus at 7th and Baseline Sts. in Hillsboro, Officers contacted the driver, identified as Michael Joseph Bottcher, age 39."
Over the phone, Rouches expanded on the story: "We stop him, do a field sobriety test…he fails those. An officer says, 'Hey, I think he's drunk.'"
"We don't think he was drinking while he was driving the bus," said Rouches, "but we do believe he was under the influence of alcohol."
Bottcher, the driver, was arrested and cited on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants and later released to an adult family member. The unfortunate—and definitely very late—passengers were loaded into a different TriMet bus and continued on their way.
TriMet's only comment at this time comes in a statement issued earlier today: "This is a very serious incident, which if found to be accurate, could be cause for termination under our collective bargaining agreement. We have launched a full investigation. We have no further information to release at this time."
The Hillsboro police are still waiting on the outcome of Bottcher's blood alcohol test. "At first we thought maybe it was a medical issue," says Rouches, "but we don't think that anymore."
Stay alert out there, bus passengers. If you see something, say something. And bus drivers? We know it's late and you need to unwind, but it's always best to do the unwinding off-shift.
"Long story short," said Rouches, "we get a call of a DUI. [He] happens to be driving a bus. Not a good situation, obviously."

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