Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Trimet board meeting-part 1

45 minutes of picture and no sound. I guess they didn't want us to see the budget hearing. Stay classy you pieces of shit that run Trimet

Testimonies against the Trimet jail and Mcfarlanes painful response

 Mcfarlane and his sock puppets are incapable of understanding the plight of regular citizens

Sorry citizens, you don't get to hear our budget presentation

I think its intentional myself. This is how they roll over there. 
They get away with murder because nobody is paying attention.
 (well enough to matter to them anyway)

Some more weird TriMet service alerts

My apologies I haven't been posting these regularly, but these are some of the more interesting ones (and doesn't include many which have wrong turns or directions that don't work out)

The many (bad) Line 35, etc alerts from 4/7

This was the day of the wind storm when a large tree came down onto SW Harrison and the Portland Streetcar line.  This doesn't include ones for other lines elsewhere, or the work dispatchers and supervisors had to do to run the bus bridge, or all the other issues and incidents that occurred during the time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Who's getting Trimet cash tomorrow

Environmental Business Solutions gets $1,065,000 for cleaning bus shelters. The contract is a 5 year contract. Why isn't this in house?

Orgo-Thermit gets $1,388,925 for "rail grinding services". This is also apparently a 5 year contract. The interesting thing about this is that it is basically the services of one man who operates the machine. I don't know how much the operator of this machine is getting paid but I bet its not $400k a year. Again. why isn't this in house

AECOM gets $400,000 to "design bus stop improvements along Powell and Division. This doesn't say anything about the pork barrel Powell BRT. This isnt even coming out of Trimet funds. So it appears they intend to redesign this corridor twice! Once with this and then again with the pork contract for BRT

VOESTALPINE gets $1,167,552 for special track-work materials related to steel bridge and rail repairs 

This is just the design phase, the total cost of this 'project' is $6,300,000

J.E. DUNN gets $110,040.00 for "pre-construction services" for the Powell bus garage replacement. Trimet pencil necks don't do anything so this has to be contracted out I guess.

RIDE CONNECTION gets a second contract for 5 years at a total of $13,000,000 (funny how the number comes out so round) to provide "volunteer and community based transportation services".
I wonder why its so expensive to provide "volunteers"?

Bus driver getting assaulted at Trimet is just another day

Why Metro employees don't all use TriMet

It has been argued that the sizeable parking garages underneath and next to Metro's headquarters building are used to provide free car parking to employees and that they all drive whether for commuting or business purposes.

This picture shows that many do in fact bike to work and represents only a portion of the bike racks that are scattered all around the garage as well as outside for visitors, both in the public garage and a special covered area.  In addition are the many employees who utilize the free access to TriMet and the Portland Streetcar that all regular employees get.  Also, it is my understanding that employees do in fact have to pay to park cars, and that the public garage serves all of Lloyd District (for example, there's many spaces assigned to the Land Rover dealership across the street).  Lastly, I believe the parking areas predate Metro's use of the site and are from when a Sears store was here.

Monday, April 17, 2017

More on Patrick Preusser-apparently his nickname was "diaper boy"

I see some things never change. Darth Deely is thinking he's the Emperor and ruling over the employees with his "Iron Fist"and his lap dog Pat Pruesser (I hope I spelled that right) thinks he's Anakin Skywalker and this is "his new Empire".,964043,963509

patrick 'king of reverse lodging' pressuer. looks like he is 15 years old hins the nickname diaper boy.,976038

Interesting comments below the break

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trimet is militarizing its transit system

If you watched the last Trimet board meeting you heard all the stupid excuses for this new Trimet police station including "it will save us money" argument.

The Trimet board, deaf dumb and blind to what the public wants or thinks is incapable of understanding that we don't need or want police checking fares and hassling riders

The Trimet board is ignorant of everything that has to do with Trimet operations and has no clue that Nazi tactics are employed on the Portland transit system.

Trimet is militarizing its transit system, its intentional, and its evil. 
It needs to be stopped right now, if it can be, which is questionable.
Trimet is not accountable to the riders or the citizens.

Take the police off the transit system for everything but actual crimes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Trimet March board of directors meeting

The elite Trimet executive culture only comes out of its gated community during these mandated public meetings.
This is the public's only chance to see what they have been doing.
Meanwhile in the 'real world' bus drivers, train drivers and mechanics are actually doing all the work.
If any of the people you see at these board meetings where to leave tomorrow nobody in the "real world" would notice.
If your bus or train driver doesn't show up you'll be getting to work late and getting home late. 
Not only did I watch the entire board meeting I made "notes" in video form.

Trimet building its own little Guantanamo

 “In a brief phone interview, TriMet spokesperson Roberta Alstead took issue with descriptions of the new facility as a ‘jail,’ but she confirmed that it would in fact include two to three holding cells. I asked Ms. Alstead if the new facility would include space to interrogate people who are being detained. She took issue with my use of the word ‘interrogate,’ but acknowledged that yes, in contrast to the existing facility the new space would have room devoted specifically to the purpose of questioning people who are being detained.

Trimet MAX light rail vs tractor trailer comms

Thursday, April 6, 2017


African-American transit users had long complained they were targeted for enforcement on trains and buses.
So, last year, at TriMet’s request, Portland State University’s Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute studied two years of enforcement data and found that fare inspectors and supervisors did not disproportionately charge African-American riders with skipping fares. 
However, that study did find that African-American riders were more likely than whites to be excluded from trains and buses. At the time, TriMet characterized the variances found in the PSU study as slight. And when the data are sliced one way, disparities were slight.
What the study did not include, however, was a thorough analysis of another common charge — one that Dean got: interfering with public transit, known as IPT.
Our analysis, which includes 10 years of state court data, shows that African-Americans have been charged with IPT at a rate up to 6.4 times the rate of white riders over the past decade.  
The Transit Police Division is run by the Portland Police Bureau but is closely tied to — and funded by — the transit agency and its mission is to discourage crime throughout the TriMet system.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

The ticket checker society

 In this large view, this wide angle take, we have microcosms tied to the belief systems of those underlings and swollen-lipped small-timers who push the punishment daily on the streets, in the stores, in the schools, at airports, on public transportation.

It was one of those Skippy days on the Portland light rail, MAX, listening to two great examples of minor league punishment on the small-small little Eichmann scale – a man and a woman, in their forties, heading home after a hard journey into night: parking ticket enforcers.
I understand the work and words of the working class, but these two just kept swapping stories of the stupid people (their words) trying to get out of tickets, that is, attempting to thwart the sting of the violations in this punishment society. This is the Eichmann of the Small-fry species, in a nutshell, but the way these two stalwarts of retrograde humanity were depicting violators is emblematic of this country’s “it will not take a village to raise a vibrant and safe village – so let the dog eat the dog world prevail be damned” ethos (sic).
Full article HERE!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Time for Doctor Bethel to retire from the Trimet board

Got a doctors note? Trimet doesn't care

Trimet security is FAIL

Forwarded to me from a current bus driver:

Hey Al something happened that made me a little mad and I wanted to forward it to you. The following is my report on Trimet Security. 

"Trimet uses paid for security to keep an eye on things and to help with general security needs. One of the important days for security is St. Patricks day when drunk people are trying to get home on transit.

Tonight I witnessed our crack security at work. Three of them at Gateway. Sat inside in the bus drivers break area and did nothing for hours. Oh they did go out for smoke breaks but they were not standing out being seen. 

A woman driver came in and complained about youths climbing on the fences where the busses drive but the security guards did nothing. Other drivers coming in with lunches had to eat them in their bus because they  were crowded out by security. 

Now I don't mind sharing facilities with security and Police but I don't like sharing facilities with people doing nothing but looking at their cell phones and reading. 

With all the drivers bring assaulted maybe we could start with making sure the hired security is doing more."

Portland Trimet makes the 'least affordable" list

Full article is HERE

Monday, March 27, 2017

Son of Hightower keeping an eye on those transit cops

Transit driver appreciation day rang hollow for most Trimet drivers

This was from a light rail operator:

Driver appreciation day how a MAX operator looked at the day. What a joke! Three boxes of fruit does not cut it. The fruit was not out before the early morning people left to do their jobs. Monday morning there still was some apples. So I got an apple. Management thinks that the early morning people return to the garage. Most of us do not. The wrong date was on the posters that were put up the drivers areas. Management says they appreciation us, their actions say speak so much louder than there words. 

 On transit appreciation day, our customers got more than I did. They got pins saying they appreciated us. I got nothing. And it was to be my day.  

Classic Trimet tweets!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jonathan Maus at Bike Portland has been paying attention

At TriMet board meeting, GM defends his advocacy for freeway expansion projects

Cadre of Merlo Drivers request meeting with Patrick Preusser to discuss the dirty bus situation

Operators are hoping that Patrick Preusser will finally do something about the dirty bus problem

A small group of Merlo operators have requested a meeting with the new Director of Transportation, Patrick Preusser, to talk about the never ending problem with dirty buses coming out of the Merlo garage. 

"We operators are expected to show up to work and look good every day yet the company sends us out in the most pathetically dirty equipment imaginable" an operator told me who wishes to remain anonymous. 

"We've had enough of this and are hoping that Mr Preusser can do something about this situation once and for all since all of our complaints have gone unheeded for years by the current management of Trimet." says the operator

Mr Preusser granted the request and will be meeting with the operators soon

Son of Hightower pulls no punches

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Mary Fetsch has been one of the major figures of my long time blog. 
She absorbed the brunt of my disrespectful tongue and cheek jokes for as many years as this blog has existed. 
Even though she bore the brunt of my jokes she never was mean or disrespectful of me. 
This is my tribute to Mary Fetsch, a Trimet classic. 
I have a tremendous volume of material featuring Mary below the page break.
Good luck Mary, you must have a decent pension from Trimet!
You of all people deserve it!

Trimet actually did a public video of Dispatch/Control

Hard to believe actually, they are so secret about everything this is a surprise.  You see videos like this from other transit districts

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mcfarlane's response to the public testimonies

He's got an answer for everything, as always. 
Bottom line, he makes no apologies. 
This all about the money, how can they get the money.
By making it appeal to the people driving in their cars he hopes that will swing some votes to the yes side. 
 That's my Theory  anyway. 
Recent history has not been kind to Trimet when it comes to the voters.
 Don't forget, this is not about you or me, this is about money, money to keep the capital projects monster alive.
 If you still believe that "your" government has "your" interest in mind you are seriously deluded.

Public testimonies at Todays Trimet board meeting

Neil Mcfarlane defended both the police station and the highway expansion in his comments which means it was a futile effort on the part of the community

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Latest light rail fiasco-March 19th-Control communications

Sock puppets meeting tomorrow

This has the potential to be a really great meeting with some real activists showing up to express their dissatisfaction with the way McFarlane is handling public funds over there.

The "Beasley Doctrine"

Our good brother and stalwart defender of every union member, Henry Beasley, long ago introduced what he believes would be the decent response to any assault upon one of us. Out of respect for his steadfast insistence that management adopt this, my preference is to call this the Beasley Doctrine. It calls for our immediate removal from service to facilitate our healing/recovery as well as the safety of our passengers.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Bicyclists versus trimet

Story here!

For several months now, a cabal of regional policymakers and power brokers have cooked up a plan to fund four major projects: expansions to Highway 217, Interstate 5 and Interstate 205; and the SW Corridor transit project.
Last month, McFarlane emerged from the shadows to advocate for the proposal — a move that baffled advocates who questioned why our transit agency would promote infrastructure investments that will make driving easier. In response, BikeLoudPDX is encouraging activists to speak out in opposition at TriMet’s upcoming board meeting.

Classic Trimet dispatch

This is an actual call from a driver in the field. I accentuated the audio becuase it was that insane

Trimet supports the police state

Trimet has been conducting a war on the poor of the Portland metro area since Mcfarlane was put into the head job over there. These technocrats are asking for the public to pay for a low income pass but they have used discretionary funds to build a new police station. Just disgraceful management at Trimet.

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon and Bus Riders Unite are shocked and appalled at the announcement of an increase of $11M for police in the Trimet budget. There is no need for this expansion of the prison industrial complex. Bus riders need more accessible, affordable transportation, not more racist policing on our buses! Trimet is trying to sneak this past with little public scrutiny. Low income people and people of color are already profiled at a higher rate on public transit. Trimet’s Board is not adequately addressing rider concerns.
At the February 22nd meeting of the Trimet Board of Directors, it was revealed that the agency is prepared to spend more than $11M on a new police station and expanded fare enforcement in the next budget year. The announcement is a direct assault on low income people and people of color who depend on public transportation. Riders are angry and demand answers to the following questions:


The FY 2018 Trimet budget

These are my observations:
The full budget is HERE

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trimet corporate welfare pork keeps rolling on

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nick Budnicks article on fare policy at the Tribune

Read the full article HERE!
 In an attempt to cut down on confrontations, TriMet says its bus drivers should no longer deny fare evaders access to the bus, but the new policy — including a clause allowing partial payment — is causing confusion among its own drivers..........

Although the new document is dated last month, word has only lately been spreading in blogs and in Trimet circles. Al Margulies, a retired bus driver who writes about TriMet on his blog, likes the idea. Assaults on drivers have been an increasing concern for TriMet employees.
The new direction "is no more kicking people off for nonpayment of fare," he said. Because it would cut down on passenger-driver confrontations, the new policy "is a good one as far as I'm concerned."

And an anonymous TriMet bus driver's blog, From the Driver Side, states "It won't be long before the riding public rises up and refuses to pay at all. Why should it? This flip-flopping fare policy makes us all look silly, from management to operators." 

Dan Christensen on the new Trimet fare evasion policy

 Dan is on the Trimet committee dealing with operator assaults

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In defense of the new Trimet policy regarding bus drivers and fares

I feel compelled to write this defense of the new Tri-Met policy prohibiting operators from denying boarding to fare evading riders. 
 First of all  I want to say that I am extremely surprised at how much resistance this is getting from Tri-Met operators. 
Trimet basically just made your job substantially easier and people are actually complaining about this change.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Remember Michael Ford?

Well he's been caught living the high life off the public transportation industrial complex. Just like my old pal Steve Banta. Steve got burnt at the stake, Michael gets to stick around. Depends where you live in how those excesses are handled.) They all do it, only some get busted. American public transportation is the last pork barrel. And with all pork barrels the citizens eat the shit.
Decision on transit CEO scheduled for next week

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Henry Beasley's testimony re: sb 2717

My speech from today's hearing on HB2717:

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Henry Beasley, and I have been a transit worker for almost ten years now.  In that ten years, there have only been maybe five attacks that received media coverage. Since 2010 there have been a combined 225 (that we know of) which includes: spitting, physical assaults, menacing or thrown objects. We have no data on how many of these attacks were plead down to simple misdemeanors.  It is not unusual to come across those who have attacked us while doing our assigned routes, which creates anxiety or diminished capacity and creates a safety hazard for us and the public.

Monday, March 6, 2017


The past two weeks, I've heard from several drivers complaining about being pulled into a manager's office and counseled about being early or late. They're splitting hairs because some upper yuckety-yuck is trying to impress the brass by stressing our "on-time performance." At the end of a sign-up, when we've all learned the route. Its "bubbles" and trouble spots. Where we'll lose time and how to make it up. Sometimes the "rules" lose out to common sense. To be disciplined for this is utterly asinine, especially when we know our jobs better than those trying to analyze what we've done for years.

Door falls off Trimet light rail vehicle-complete communications

I did a short version of the incident, this is the complete incident

Friday, March 3, 2017

Mcfarlanes pitch for 2 billion dollars-part 1

I had forgotten where Mcfarlane made this speech when I did this video and looked it up after I had finished part 1.

Here is part 1 with my comments

Abusing operators for nothing

 It appears he got to the end point "early" but that's the end of his route anyway.

 He made all of the timepoints and got to "the end" early and some white shirt is saying that's some sort of violation.

That's an absurdity. Beyond absurdity. That's the kind of nonsense Trimet operators put up with.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trimet SW corridor propaganda examined

New Trimet dispatch Spoofs

Jay Jackson goes on permanent vacation

That's pretty much the last of the "old guard". 
Guess these new Trimet executives from out of town want their own people so all these old timers are getting their marching orders. 

Don't feel to bad for them, they all will get nice big pensions

The Deacon in Blue

On one hand, we're being told to drive safely and the schedule is secondary. Now we're being held accountable for being late. And finally, because abuse of operators has exploded the past few years, our agency is now addressing operator safety. (Of course it took two brothers petitioning our state legislature for stiffer penalties for those who assault us before the agency stepped in.) If you stress the schedule, you're not driving safely. If you concentrate on safety (which they repeatedly say is "our core value"), you save lives but are counseled about On-Time Performance. In this business, you can have one, but usually not both.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doug Kelsey at the Trimet board

Doug puts forth the argument that Trimet light rail is operating in a dangerous manner and a major accident could happen at any moment.
I have no idea if its true, it appears there were a couple hundred rule violations that weren't investigated. I guess that's why Don Allison got the boot.

Monday, February 27, 2017

I love the dispatch spoofs

"From the Driver's side" UNION FIRST

What constitutes “fair compensation” is a hotly contested point. The District acts as if we’re overpaid and greedy. They inject this propaganda into a largely unsympathetic public mindset via local media. The last time, this tactic was successful for them. Most of those whose valuable support management hopes to secure however, have not endured hours in the seat. They haven’t been screamed at, spat upon, threatened at gunpoint, punched or stabbed. Their bodies have not been subjected to the repetitive motions which gradually wear us down. Numbers and innuendo are management’s game. Yet upper management isn’t as vital as we are in competent transit operations. We could still efficiently do the job without them; they could not do our duties and simultaneously manage themselves.

Read the full essay HERE!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trimet general manager report

How to be a Trimet shill-Lesson 1

Kelsey attempts to blame light rail operator for derailment

Poor Doug, egg all over his face
Following standard management procedure, Trimet executive Doug Kelsey attempts to shift blame for the derailment due to ice buildup onto the light rail operator who was driving at that time.

TriMet Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey told KOIN 6 News it was up to train operators to assess the situation, since there was no plan in place to deal with ice.

Of course its complete bullshit and we have seen this over and over and over. 
Management screws up and points the fingers downstream.
 I guess they have to because if they told the truth they might be embarrassed, and who knows, possibly something even more severe?

When in doubt point fingers at the people doing the work. 
Sorry Doug, its up to management to think ahead and prevent disasters. 
Pointing the finger downward only makes you look pathetic and helpless.

KOIN story and video HERE!