Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trimetgeddon XI ongoing and suffering continues

You may have read reports over mainstream media or some of the social media and even well respected transit consultants "congratulating" Trimet for the "wonderful job they are doing", unfortunately its complete rubbish.

Trimet and its "regional partners" like ODOT and PBOT are doing a miserable job during this last weather event. Roads are a mess, light rail is functioning but barely, and they still haven't figured out how to make bus tire chains that work.

Incredible suffering is happening in the community by both transit riders and Trimet employees. Trimet employees have the solace in knowing they have some decent overtime pay checks coming in at least.

Nobody knows where the battalion of Trimet executives, managers, coordinators, Information Technology, Capital Projects, Marketing and all the other people that make up the gated community known as Harrison Street are. My guess is most of them are home, the others in offices "directing" (if you want to call it that) from the safety of a heated office somewhere.

Below the break is what is REALLY happening out there. The stuff you will never hear from the mainstream. The mainstream that never stops trying to distort reality.


Can someone please tell me why they are not plowing down 5th and 6th. The Ruts are so bad, they shove the bus right or left but very hard to control let alone what it does to your body...I feel like I got hit by a mack truck!!
. "You guys haven't lived until your TriMet bus (with chains!) slides 2 lanes sideways across the street. Rethinking driving tomorrow."
She said it was on the 72 & the driver screamed when it happened.

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