Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trimet's white Knight rides in for the rescue

That would Mr Jarrett Walker! 
Jarrett has this habit of showing up when Trimet is in the  public relations  toilet bowel.

Jarrett is a public transportation "guru" with a cult following. 
He is one of the leading figures in the neoliberal public transportation industrial complex and its army of overpaid ego inflated "professionals". 
Our lives as Americans are run by a series of Industrial complexes and each one of them have their very own 'think tanks'.
That's what Jarrett Walker is.

 He's on the payroll of numerous public transportation agencies in this country including Trimet. 

He's the last person to look at for unbiased opinions about Trimet.

I hate to attack Jarrett because I respect some of his work, but I lose respect for the man  when he comes up with FAKE NEWS like how wonderful Trimet did during this last storm.

It was a complete and total disaster yet he praises the wonderfulness of how Trimet performed.
It's just sad, very sad that he's so obvious a Trimet apologist.
 I'll never forget when he attacked KOIN for their story on Mcfarlanes Secret raises 
Pathetic is what it is

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