Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another laughable "investigation" into Trimet policies

We've already seen how ODOT , a corrupted agency itself , handles investigations into Trimet mistakes. 

These Oregon organizations and their respective armies of overpaid hacks all know each other and all cover for each other when called upon.
Now we have another one:  TriMet had no rules about running MAX trains on tracks with visible ice accumulation prior to a January derailment.

 "These types of events do not happen frequently in this area," state investigator Gary Ferguson wrote. "In light of this incident, adding some language for operating procedures when ice is present is advisable."

"Duh, it never occurred to us that ice accumulation could cause a derailment.
We'll put it into our standard operating procedures because we are to stupid to know this ahead of time and never bothered to look at other agencies SOP's."

"Sorry about the thousands of people who had their days ruined, we promise we won't do it again."

Nice to be an executive in an unaccountable tax funded monstrosity, you can get away with anything, make a huge salary, and retire with an obscene pension.

Read the "story" HERE

If you read this blog you know that Jason Mchuff had already written about this.
Guess what? Jason has no fancy degrees and gets no six figure salary.


Jason McHuff said...

The way I see it, TriMet is treating the symptoms and not the cause. Instead of trying to have policies for every conceivable issue, it would be better to have a work force that is empowered and can handle unexpected situations, and analyze and speak up about them. Last time it was a flood, this time it was ice, who knows what it will be next.

Al M said...

I agree completely with you but you know how Trimet is they want everything to go through their management

And if u don't do it their way, you know what happens.