Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kelsey attempts to blame light rail operator for derailment

Poor Doug, egg all over his face
Following standard management procedure, Trimet executive Doug Kelsey attempts to shift blame for the derailment due to ice buildup onto the light rail operator who was driving at that time.

TriMet Chief Operating Officer Doug Kelsey told KOIN 6 News it was up to train operators to assess the situation, since there was no plan in place to deal with ice.

Of course its complete bullshit and we have seen this over and over and over. 
Management screws up and points the fingers downstream.
 I guess they have to because if they told the truth they might be embarrassed, and who knows, possibly something even more severe?

When in doubt point fingers at the people doing the work. 
Sorry Doug, its up to management to think ahead and prevent disasters. 
Pointing the finger downward only makes you look pathetic and helpless.

KOIN story and video HERE!


Jason McHuff said...

It technically is correct to blame the operator as they are captain of the ship, but as I've said that ignores the back story and what lead the operator to making the decision.

It appears that there were maintainers working on the switches right where the train derailed an hour beforehand:

Furthermore, in this clip the operator in question asks if he is clear to go through the area, as workers are still there:

I really wish I had a recording of the rest of the communications, as that would show what the operator, maintainers and controller had thought. Was the operator led to believe everything was checked and OK, or perhaps instructed to try going through? Did the maintainers ever mention anything about the section of unusable track immediately next to the switches they were at?

In addition, the general attitude that has been instilled by the agency on an employee can also affect their decision making. If one doesn't feel cared for or that others care, they may not want to speak up when they see an issue.

Al M said...

This sort of thing needs a checklist sheet

It's that simple