Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trimet management knowingly allowing unsafe buses on the road


Jason McHuff said...

In fairness, regarding having "no buses", there were multiple extreme weather events that led to many, many buses crashing (I remember a TriMet Web page saying that it can take until the summer months to repair everything) and they did get these new buses.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've heard these turn signal tones on Gillig buses at other agencies, but they didn't seem to be loud enough to be heard over the radio. At 2:41 in the video, it really comes in clear. Hopefully, it can be easily disconnected and the decision is made to do that. Maybe the garage union stewards should organize having all operators refuse to take the buses out of the yard.

But what TriMet could possibly do is to have a few buses with the same features built (or borrowed from another agency) and tested in service before the full order is started.

Al M said...

The point is multiple operators have called in about this and complained. That's the only reason I did this video at all is because we had multiple operators calling out about it.

Try met officials as they always do ignore the operators concerns and shove whatever they want down their throat under the penalty of termination if you complain

That's a fascist employer

Repeat Jason, the only reason I did this post is because there were multiple operator is making the same complaint and try met officials intentionally decided that that complaint is not valid

If it had been one operator complaining or even two I wouldn't of done this post but it was multiple operators