Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trimetgeddon XII wraps up!

Well we have just completed Trimetgeddon XII when the light rail failed due to ice buildup on the wires. It's the same old story, nothing new here management doesn't take care of the problem and nobody holds them accountable.

Hundreds if not thousands of people suffered using the Portland transit system. 
This apparently is acceptable to the thousands of people Who use public transportation in Portland and everywhere else. 
Totally unreliable, totally unaccountable.
No news coverage, of course.

Nothing will change, MacFarlane will get a raise and will add a few more useless executives and The board of sock puppets will tell the world how wonderful Trimet is and how great the employees are.

The union employees performed heroically, as always, not their fault they are hobbled by insufficient resources.

I continue to maintain that public transportation doesn't have to be awful, it could be excellent if we the citizens can figure out a way to get rid of the "professional class" of technocrats that run it for their own benefit and for the benefit of special interests

Below the break is a sampling of the  of Trimetgeddon XII from the users of the Tri-Met transportation district.
You won't find the truth in the mainstream media.

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