Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trimet's "ICE" hokey explanation curious

The interesting thing about this hokey little   "statement" is how it never mentioned a thing about the police or the police state or even deportations. 
 I find that very curious and very suspicious. 

Trimet denied that they had authorized any sort of action against immigrants, I'm sure that's most likely true.
 But at the same time I am aware that the Trimet police are only funded by Trimet, they are not supervised by Trimet.
  The police conduct their business as they see fit.
 Police agencies cooperate with each other. 
It's certainly not outside the realm of possibility that some kind of coordinated activity may have taken place.

Trimet has a long history of distorting facts to suit its needs. 
I'm not saying it did happen, all I'm saying is it could have happened. 
This little statement that they put out is more like a marketing slogan than a statement against police actions. 

BART made a very clear statement about this sort of behavior on its transit system.
 Trimet made no such statement.

This OREGONIAN story is more detailed than the Trimet tweet

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