Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WEIRD Trimet service alerts

Reading through these explains why so many bus drivers end up lost

#12 #19 #20 LINES 12, 19 & 20 the stop at west. Bunside at 2nd is closed all hours all days until 2/23/17. THERE IS A temporary STOP LOCATED farside 2nd. EVEN if there is NOT a temporary sign please service the area. in am having a supervisor repost if necessary. THANK YOU!

#77 Line 77 block at 9th NE Multnomah outbound: detour as follow, regular route to 9th and Multn, right 9th, left Halsey, left 7th, right Multn then regular route Until Clear 15:56.

#4 Line 4, Do not start your Steel Bridge detour until 12:00 midnight. Thank you.

#4 Line 4, Update at 10:54 pm. The state just now closed the steel bridge. So now do your steel bridge detour Thank you.

#72 #77 JUST information- Max is unable to service the 82nd and max platform - We are doing a bus bridge loop from 82nd to 60th. Please let your passengers know.

#75 Line 75 to Harney and 45th: Regular route to Ivanhoe and Charleston then continue Ivanhoe, right Richmond, right Willamette, left Burr, right Lombard and regular route until further notice.

#10 Line 10 - Update Stop ID 1990 will be closed at 26th SE Gladstone,Construction on 26th - francis - rhone area - they will flag thru - just have patience. Thanks and have a good day.

#75 any center operator going to pier park please pick up the pouch left in the break room and return it to the center station agent... Thank You.

#4 #44 Lines 4,44 to St Johns Regular route Vancouver and Russel, right MLK, right Multnomah, left transit center. right Vancouver and regular route. until further notice.

#4 #8 #44 #77 #85 Rose Quarter ROUTES: there is an event at the right Qtr at this time. Please observe a SLOW ORDER of 5 MPH on Wheeler between Multnomah & Holladay.

#16 Line 16 Buses only will be allowed on Bridge ave, construction workers will move the sign for you expect minor delays.

#97 Line 97 to tualatin Regular route to Boones ferry and Martinazzi continue boones ferry left boones ferry left tualatin sherwood right Martinazzi.

#97 Line 97 to boones ferry and nyberg detour Regular route to Martinazzi and Tualatin-sherwood road left Tualatin sherwood right Boones Ferry right Boones Ferry and regular route.

#97 Line 97 to tualatin - Regular route to tualatin sherwood and martinazzi continue and tualain sherwood right onto I5 north take next exit boones ferry left at light left onto boonesferry left onto upper boones ferry contin to martinazzi and boones and regular route until further notice.

#75 Line 75 Train blocking Harrison in Milwaukie Use detour Item #150 on your hard copy detour sheet until further notice.

#19 Line 19 keys were left at Flavel in the Porta potty.

#15 Line 15 please follow your NW 23rd Ave detour that's in your pouch.

#44 #78 lines 44 & 78- PCC Sylvania will be closing their gate at 5:00pm. Please follow your hardcopy gate closure detour.

#77 UPDATE: Line 77 to Troutdale: Regular route to Halsey and 223rd then left 223rd, right Sandy,

#9 #17 Some buses -- those still equipped with chains -- will use the Ross Island Bridge and will not serve stops between SW Lincoln at 1st and SE Powell at Milwaukie. Buses that have dropped chains will continue to serve stops at South Waterfront and at OMSI.

#9 #17 Line 9 & 17, No Tilikum Bridge. Use Ross Island Bridge snow route UNLESS YOU HAVE DROPPED YOUR CHAINS - THEN USE THE TILIKUM.

#152 Exceed is open, Milwaukie Center is not. Thanks.

#21 Line 21 - southbound on 223rd south of Glisan up the hill there are two semi trucks stuck side by side - until they get out of there detour To Gresham: Regular route to 223rd and Glisan, left Glisan, right 257th, right Stark, left 223rd and regular route until clear.

#44 LINE 44 to Barbur Transit Center: Regular route to Barbur & Hwy 10 (Capitol) exit, continue Barbur Blvd to left Barbur Transit Center, LAY FOR TIME & LEAVE inbound 5 MINS AFTER PCC time then use Barbur Blvd ONLY back inbound to downtown.

#155 #156 No Line 155 service on Sunnyside Rd east of 147th. Buses will travel from Clackamas Town Center eastbound using Line 155 routing to 147th and Oregon Trail. Buses will then return to Clackamas Town Center using Line 156 routing via Mather Rd. Board buses to Clackamas Town Center at westbound stops on Sunnyside Rd west of 106th, at eastbound stops on Sunnyside Rd from 106th to 147th, or at westbound stops along Line 156.

Overnight ice build up in the yard is causing delays to morning service. At this time minimal service is available on the NS Line and A-Loop. The first B-Loop Streetcar has been cancelled. Maintenance crews are working to free the remaining streetcars from the ice.

#29 #32 #33 #34 #75 #152 Update all lines back to regular route in Milwaukie detour crossings are working again.

#52 #53 #54 #88 Lines, 52nd, 53rd, 54th and 88th:Update the detour Crossing signal at Farmington and Lombard in Beaverton are now back to normal.

#52 #53 #54 #88 Lines 52, 53, 54, and 88th detour crossing at Farmington and Lombard malfunctioning again today, it has been called in.

#32 #33 #35 #79 #99 #154 there are a set of keys with a riteaid tag left on the table at Oregon City Transit Center. please send an RTT if they are yours.

#32 #33 #152 Lines 29, 32, 33 & 152 use the train blocking item on your hard copy for a detour around the blockage at 21st and Harrison plz.

#4 #6 #10 #14 #15 UPDATE - Your detour is in effect tonight. Sorry for the confusion.

#6 Update Line 6 that detour 1 and Jefferson starts tomorrow.

#45 #62 Lines 45 & 62 - be aware and use caution on Scholls Ferry between 121st & Conastoga due to auto collision - it will cause delays and will most likely be fully blocked when tow trucks arrive.

#67 Per supervisor - you may go back to regular route or continued the detour due to the back up. Until Clear.

#44 #75 We are aware that the 7512th left their pouch in Pier Park breakroom. They will be back to retrieve it, thank you.

#72 Line 72 to Anchor: Regular route to Killingsworth and Pacific Hwy then, Stay right onto PAc. Hwy, left Cully, right Killingsworth and regular route Until clear.

#9 #17 #291 Line 9, 17, 291, please use your Tillikum bridge closure detour on your hard copy in your pouch, Item# 46.

MAX Blue line east and westbound are delayed up to 25 minutes until 11:30 p.m. due to police activity at SE 60th Avenue MAX station.

#75 Line 75 detour: eastbound To Jackson and 21st- After northeast Vancouver, Merge into the Left Lane and continue to Rodney, After Rodney merge back into the Right lane and Regular route until further notice.

#70 Line 70 your southbound service stop #6872 17 and Lava Drive (directly in front of ODS and last service stop prior to going into Milwaukie Transit Center) is now REOPENED. Pls service this stop.

#77 Lines 77 - Broadway from 47th to 42nd has street and road closure signs up but buses are able to pass thru - the construction crew is to call us if they are going to be blocking for any length of time - use caution in this area plz. This will be for the next several weeks.

Expect delays on MAX due to earlier crowding.

#4 Line 4 has returned to regular service. Expect delays through Downtown Portland due to crowded buses. Some riders may have to wait for the next vehicle. Some buses detoured in Downtown Portland.

Red Line disrupted between Providence Park and Gateway. For trips to PDX, please use alternate transportation.

#15 Trips to Gateway Transit Center will not serve stops between NW 23rd Ave at Everett and SE Grand at Belmont until further notice.

#20 Line 20 the burnside hill is has reopened please be on the look out for a updated detour for the protest detour.

#20 Trips to Gresham Transit Center will not serve stops between St. Vincent Hospital and East Burnside at Grand until further notice.

#20 Line 20 to Gresham regular route detour to HWY 26 (tunnel) eastbound continue Hwy26 take exit (right lane)I-405 south bound (to Ross Island) Take exit 1C follow signs to cross eastbound over the Ross Island Bridge after crossing the bridge left 9th left Woodward right MLK, which turns into Grand right Burnside and regular route until further notice.

#15 Line 15 to Downtown please use your protest detour.

#4 #8 #12 #19 #20 #35 #44 #77 The steel bridge and Burnside bridge are closed. Please use Broadway OR Hawthorne bridge.

#8 Line 8. northbound. 15th and 'killingsworth. low power line. you may have to move into left lane to get around. use caution.

#75 Line 75 to Milwwaukie: the shelter at continue Chavez & Main has been destroyed. A temporary STOP has been posted on a pole 20 feet prior (north) of the regular route stop.

#34 #99 No service to Tacoma Park and Ride due to hazardous road conditions.

#72 Line 72: Operators, please use caution in the area of Killingsworth and 60th. Due to a power outage,The traffic signal is out.

WES Commuter Rail is running regular weekday service. TransitTacker is not predicting correctly, please use schedule times.

#32 Line 32 back to Clackamas Community College, 12th & Main closed, use 14th. No Sunday service.

#72 Line 72 to Anchor and Channel ONLY-Regular route to 82nd and Jonesmore(this is at the signal at Max), right Jonesmore, left 92nd, left Tillamook, right 82nd and regular route until further notice- Do not make any stops along Tillamook due to the snow.

#73 Line 73 to Parkrose Transit Center ONLY-Regular route to Foster and 92nd, right 92nd, right Holgate, left 122nd and regr t until further notice(Please look for passengers at 122nd and Holgate and wave them over)

#9 LINE 9: do NOT use the Tilikum Bridge.

#72 We have a disabled bus just south of Johnson Ck northbound. Please use the left travel lane in this area.

#44 #64 per 9117th 44/64 line: outbound only- regular route to 36th and troy, continue troy, left 40th, left garden Home, right Capitol Hwy and Regular route.

#6 Line 6 detour to Jantzen Beach Regular route to Mlk and Gertz continue and MLK to Jubitz - No Jubitz service Blocking accident.

#32 LINE 32: 12 is CLOSED in outCity. Use 14th instead.

NS Line and A-Loop streetcars are starting service. There is no B-Loop service at this time until we can evaluate the signals and switches that were causing the issues yesterday. Riders on the east side are advised to take the A-Loop or TriMet service to their destinations. Expect delays throughout the day due to poorly parked vehicles and other weather related issues.

No service due to a derailment at Rose Quarter.  Use alternate transportation.

#8 Back to Regular route to VA Hospital and OHSU. 1st LANE GETTING THRU WITH FLAGGED TRAFFIC.

#44 Line 44 is detoured as follows: Regular route to Willamette & Mohawk, right Mohawk, left Princeton, left Oswego (check for passengers at Willamette and Oswego stop), right Willamette and regular route until further notice for down tree - go around the street closed signs.

#30 #33 #75 #152 Lines 30,33,75,152 Please use your train detour for 28th and Harrison.. tree blocking 28th and Harrison. BOTH Directions.

#6 No service to southbound stops between Jantzen Beach and NE M L King at Lombard St. If you are waiting north of Lombard, catch a northbound bus to Jantzen Beach or walk to MLK at Holland, the next stop south of Lombard.

#72 Line 72 - Leaving Swan Island eastbound on Going after going under Greeley over pass there is a tree laying on power lines - you will need to use caution and bare left to get around it.

Orange Line service is canceled. Shuttle buses not in use at this time.

#14 Eastbound buses do not stop between SE 12th & 28th due to icy conditions.

MAX Red Line disrupted. No service to PDX until further notice.


#21 Line 21 Due to Snow stay off 223rd and take 202nd both ways.


#44 #47 #52 #67 #78 All Buses servicing PCC - ALL Campus' Will be closing at 5th - Sylvania and Rock Creek gates will be open until 6th. USe your gate closure detour starting at 5:50 pm. Thank you.

#1 Winter weather

#4 Winter weather

#33 Line 33 due to blockage at McLoughlin SE Courtney inbound move left to the Police and use inside lane. Slow order through that area until clear. outbound regular route slow.

#47 #52 #67 PCC Rock Creek buses. The gates are now CLOSED at PCC. Security finally closed the gates. Use your gate closure reroutes.

MAX Orange Line is disrupted. Shuttle buses are serving stations between Clinton/SE 12th and SE Park. Consider taking local buses, alternative transportation, or avoiding travel if possible.

MAX Blue Line is disrupted east of Gateway Transit Center and service is very infrequent on the rest of the line. Shuttle buses are serving stations between Gateway and Cleveland Ave. Consider taking local buses, alternative transportation, or avoiding travel if possible.

MAX Blue Line is disrupted with no service. Consider regular bus service, but buses experiencing major delays due to road conditions.

#9 #17 LINES 9 & 17 please use your Tilikum Bridge closure detour located on your hard copy detour BOTH Directions. DO NOT USE THE TILIKUM BRIDGE.

#92 Line 92 back to regular route on Teal. Use caution there is a clearly marked icy patch.

#15 Line 15 outbound. to NW. Due to illegally parked autos at NW Hoyt and 22nd, Go wide on turn from 22nd onto Hoyt until tow trucks remove the autos. Until clear.

#58 58th back to regular route when you come up to the police car stay to the left of the police car.

#15 LINE 15 to Gateway: Regular route to 23rd and Hoyt, left Hoyt, right 22nd, right Flanders, left 23rd, & Regular route Be careful around corners especially watch for buses going opposite direction.

#35 #54 #56 5th and Harrison.. 911 car blocking. Filming movie.. Go around cop car.. Use caution.

#1 #4 #8 #9 #12 #17 #19 #30 #35 #36 #43 #44 #45 #54 #56 #66 #94 #99 6th ave buses: IF THIS IS in YOUR AREA DO THE FOLLOWING: regular route to 6th and yamhill, WHEN INSTRUCTED BY THE ON ROAD SUPERVISOR SIGNAL right Yamhill left 4th left Washington right 6th and regular route until further notice.

#15 Line 15, Use Extreme Caution at SE Belmont, between 35-36 due to debri in the road temporarily.

#20 Line 20 watch for a deep pothole on west Burnside at 6th Eastbound.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Steel Bridge buses 11:00am to about 11:30a Use your Steel bridge detour (short term detour in pouches)

#33 Caution at 1st and High in OC, fire engine partially blocking.

#75 Line 75: Traffic is starting to back up around the Stark area due to Peacock Lane. Please be patient.

#39 Line 39 back to Regular route. BUT, use gate #5 instead of #6.

#48 LINE 48 to Sunset Transit Center: Regular route to Cornell & Murray, right Murray (watch for 62nd passengers to transfer on THEIR detour), left Walker left Cedar Hills (do NOT stop at Butner - stop top of hill) right Barnes & Regular route To Hills Transit Center: Regular route to Barnes & Cedar Hills, left Cedar Hills right Walker right Murray left Cornell & Regular route until further notice.

#48 Line 48 to Sunset. CANCEL detour Regular route on Cedar Hills! You may have to use the center lane AND the LEFT turn lane when turning ONTO Cedar Hills. (Slow & easy wins the race!)

#33 Line 33 the train at Harrison & Hwy 224 has left the building.. regular route plz...

#33 Line 33 there is a blocking train at Harrison and Hwy 224 - use detour over to Monroe to get around it plz... have 3rd 33's stuck in the mess right now... train is not moving or at least very little.

#79 Line 79 to Oregon City Transit Center-Regular route to 82nd and Harmony(Sunnyside Road), right Harmony continue to HWY 224, right HWY 224, Stay in the left lane to Exit for McLoughlin southbound and 17th Ave., left 17th, right McLoughlin to Arlignton and regular route.

#12 #44 Line 12,44 detour to Portland Regular route to 4th Ave and Mill continue 4th, left HALL (DON'T SERVICE STOP ON HALL), right 6th & Regular route(MILL IS TOO SLICK)

MAX Green Line service is disrupted between Gateway Transit center and SE Main St station. Currently, no bus shuttle service between Gateway Transit Center and Main St stations. Use Bus Line 15.

MAX Orange Line is disrupted due to switch issue in South Waterfront. No service between OMSI and PSU. Use Line 9 or 17 between SW Hall & 5th and SE Powell & 12th, connecting with northbound trains at PSU/SW 6th and southbound trains at Clinton St/SE 12th Ave.

All streetcars are delayed due to heavy weather related traffic. Streetcars are operating but are moving slowly. Updates will be posted throughout the night at

All MAX lines are experiencing some delays due to tracks being blocked by traffic congestion.

#33 Outbound to the College: Use extreme CAUTION at Linn and Electric due to camper broken down there.

#4 #75 eastbound Lombard just before Interstate.... blocking vehicle, use caution.

#17 Line 17 the stop at 17th & center is closed because the stop is flooded. clear.

#77 Line 77-Back to regular route layover on Frontage Road The layover zone is clear of trucks, thank you :)

#44 Line 44 the newest detour is after you complete the marathon detour.

#77 Line 77-Regular route to 257th and Graham-257th Way(the service stop in front of the shopping center) please layover at this stop, you may leave 3min early to do the loop around. This is due to the semi trucks blocking the layover zone. until further notice.

#20 Line 20 v0th Snow route via Sunset Hwy between 18th & west Burnside and St Vincent Hospital (due to landslide not snow)

#4 #35 #44 #72 Lines 4, 35, 44 and 72 you will get a curtailment through the area(south) that you have reroutes for. remember buses are on detour between 4 am thru 12:30 or when instructed by dispatch. Be safe have patients.

#72 LIne 72 - use caution and lower speed in the area of Killingsworth & 57th due to low power lines... paticularly westbound - damaged power pole - PP & left will be on scene soon if not already.

#15 #19 Lines 15 & 19 are regular route SNOW ROUTE on Glisan - STAY AWAY FROM CURBS - SERVICE ALL STOPS FROM STREET.

#77 77s Regular route in Troutdale - buxton closed - Glen Otto checking - 257th is open - may have to send front road layover.

Please delay trips until after 10 a.m. when temperatures are expected to warm up. All MAX lines are experiencing major delays or disruptions

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