Thursday, February 2, 2017

WHY TRIMET (and public transportation in the usa) SUCKS

Everybody has heard the wonderful stories about Trimet and how it is one of the best transit agencies in the United States.

If only it would be true it would be wonderful. Unfortunately for those of us who are involved in the operational side of Tri-met or the consumer side of Tri-Met we know this is patently false.

Trimet is dirty, unreliable and scary. 
That's the story of United States public transportation.

When a bus breaks down more often than not there is  no bus to replace it and the trip is just canceled.

When the light rail breaks down there are no buses standing by to take over the load. 
Trimet 'cannibalizes' its bus service to bail out its rail riders. 
People riding the light rail have an hour or more wait before buses are in place to take them where they need to go.

The riding  public has been conditioned to accept  this sorry  state of affairs.  Public transportation agencies like Trimet control the message and  there is nobody to challenge them.

 Tri-met functions very similarly to Donald Trump actually. 
Whatever they say  the public is expected to believe. 
 Unlike Trump there is no media to challenge the paradigm.

The truth about Trimet and American public transportation is that it is an  industrial complex. All industrial complexes that control the lives of Americans exist to perpetuate themselves. They do not exist to serve the public. 
The propaganda tells citizens otherwise. 
There is no challenge from the media.

It took me three hours to screenshot all the positions currently at the Tri-Met transportation district. 
There are hundreds of high-paying jobs that have very little or nothing to do with providing public transportation. 
When trimet says they don't have enough money for direct services it's directly related to the hugely bloated bureaucracy.

Tri-Met should have true frequent service which means no waiting past 15 minutes not 15 minutes service where you could wait up to a half an hour if one bus drops out. 15 minute frequency is not frequent service it's another lie perpetuated by the transit District.

Frequent service is eight minutes or less, there should never be a wait more than 15 minutes.

If transit District were serious about providing decent service they would have a pool of 20 to 30 drivers standing by to fill in if  buses  breakdown, become late and when light rail breaks down. But transit district say "we can't have people sitting around like that".

Just take a look at the list of people which is in the hundreds that sit behind desks and go to meetings!

If trimet were serious about getting people out of their cars they would offer 24 hour service.
Not only is it not provided it's never even discussed.

If trimet was serious about getting people out of their cars the fare would be nominal.
 Maybe a buck. 
Not only is it not available it's not even discussed.

All that comes out of Trimet is the never ending push to expand capital projects fueling Portland style cronyism.

The bus are filthy, in disrepair and unreliable

The light rail is so fragile even a piece of plastic can shut down the whole line

Now go through the list below  and see for yourself the hundreds of jobs, high-paying jobs,  and see how many of them don't provide services to the public.
Many of those listed jobs have multiple people in those positions.

Public transportation and Trimet is nothing but an industrial complex who sole purpose is to fill the pockets of the people involved with it.
 The  Public pays 100% for this and they get crap back

Wake up and smell the coffee, wake up and accept the truth not the lies and propaganda.

Go through the list below and you'll understand why you, the riders, are sitting for buses and trains that never show up

All the money , 100% from the citizens, ends up in the pockets of those people and the contractors who never stop their version of crony capitalism.

The jobs that actually provide citizen services are highlighted in yellow
Click on each pic to enlarge your view.

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