Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trimet scanner calls from day 1 of the service disruption

First shuttle operator overslept

Only 2 people on the first train

Center comes to the rescue

Old, gutted out buses being used, destination sign stuck on "garage"

Supervisor to disappear

Operator missed the turn

Mechanic or supervisor can't fix destination sign

Streetcar shuttle on wrong side of street

Jay Frye (I think) is freezing

Shuttle bus not making all the stops, somebody complained

Announce the stops

"Please stop at all stops"

Dispatch gives bad information (streetcar is turning around there so is using other stop)

No taking people to the layover

Line 8 bus didn't do reroute

Dispatcher going away

Jay Frye (I think) went off route

Operator didn't make turn

coordinating calling

Center has no watches

Illegal parker

Don't drop off riders next to MAX

Destination sign was working

Another illegal parker

Supervisor's info all wrong

Weekday info mixed with Sundays

"Reduce your speed"

Operator missed turn

Directions are wrong

"we need to log you off correctly"

no spotter for parking info

Operator went wrong way

Orange cone stuck under bus

Operator missed turn
Don't use rider's suggestion

"No parking" sign isn't official so vehicle can't be moved (and phone number given out!)

Customer Service wanted

Vehicle driver doesn't seem to care

Shuttle very very late

"I have clicked my heels three times"

medical going to a shuttle

traffic signal malfunction

Operator missed turn

Supervisor needs gas

Radio left in restroom

dispatcher going off air

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