Sunday, September 3, 2017

Trimet announces its service improvements

Let's see what they have come up with

Bus line 6  We’re adjusting this route to serve the retail center on N Hayden Meadows Drive and to improve connections with the MAX Yellow Line and C-TRAN at the Delta Park/Vanport MAX Station.
No detailed information, riders have to look at the route map themselves and see if you can figure out what's actually changed
I rate this FAIL because its not clearly noted what has actually changed

Bus line 33  We’re expanding the hours of service between Downtown Milwaukie and Clackamas Town Center on weekends. Service in the morning will start around 6 a.m. (currently 9 a.m.) and end around midnight (currently 10 p.m.).
I rate this a SUCCESS because we can clearly see a significant improvement over what is happening now

Bus line 44 We’re increasing midday frequency on weekdays, making it easier to catch a ride in the late morning and early afternoon.
No detailed information provided. They could be running one extra trip or a dozen extra trips.
I rate this a FAIL because riders have no idea where the extra trips will be without studying the schedules

Bus line 47 We’re changing the name of this line to 47-Main/Evergreen to match the street name changes in Hillsboro.
Totally FAKE NEWS. So what they are changing the name of the line? Does nothing for anybody.

Bus line 52 We’re increasing frequency on weekdays during the mid-day to better match ridership demand, plus increased frequency on weekends.
Once again the rider is expected to use the schedule to see where the extra trip(s) are added. They could just tell us in this 'news' release but go figure it out for yourself

Bus line 77 We’re increasing midday frequency on weekdays from every 30 minutes to about every 20 minutes to better match ridership demand.
Clearly defined improvement which will actually help riders that use this line

MAX blue line The Quatama/NW 205th MAX Station will become the Quatama MAX Station and the Orenco/NW 231st MAX Station will become the Orenco MAX Station.
FAKE NEWS, again, who cares that you're changing the name of the station?

WES commuter rail The first northbound train in the morning will leave five minutes earlier for an easier connection at Beaverton Transit Center.
It's clearly defining what they are doing but doesn't improve service in any measurable way

Two bus lines got measurable improvements, the 77 and the 33. That doesn't seem like a hell of a lot of reinvestment to me. Actually it seems pretty low ball


Jason McHuff said...

Regarding Line 6, I don't see what's the problem with looking at the map. It clearly shows the old and new routes and even the new Stop IDs. An actual downside would be that the connection with C-TRAN is only in the southbound direction, going the other way requires a somewhat distant walk.

I agree that the improvements for 44 and 52 could be more detailed, like the 77 is.

As for the 47 and the MAX stations, it's good to give a heads-up of the changes, though I agree it's not really an "improvement".

Lastly, the WES change can help if it allows riders to connect to an earlier bus or MAX trip, and results in either a shorter waiting time at Beaverton and/or getting to their destination on time.

Al M said...

All I really would love to see is accurate 'detailed' informative about changes

I've been harping on this for years. The technocrats in charge are just too disconnected from reality to understand.