Thursday, December 28, 2017

Its official, Trimet just screwed over its long term superior bus operators

Nobody really knew for sure if the executive management would sink so low to actually implement this. 
The people running Trimet  are nothing but aristocrats and they act like aristocrats.
They could care less about their "subjects" (yes Trimet is just like an independent country)

Just more examples of how horrible things are at Trimet, they never stop thinking of ways to screw their unionized workforce.

Part of this lands on ATU757, but only a small part. Shirley, John, and Mary are no match for the army of high priced executives that comes with being the aristocracy of a government tax farm.

I put this latest abomination 75% on Trimet   25% on the union. 
Trimet is only doing this to stir up union members against the current ATU757  executive officers. 
Apparently there is still plenty of animosity between Mcfarlane and Shirley et al.
I'm quite certain that the only reason there is a contract right now is that Mcfarlane (the current emperor) is going to take his substantial winnings and ride off into the sunset like all the other general managers (presidents) and wanted some good press on his way out.

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