Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The Mcfarlane clone will be crowned tomorrow and lets see where the pork is going this month.

1-Trimet gets to steal  citizens money without the approval of the citizens.

2-Lowering the fare evasion fine. Long overdue and is happening around the country as the jails are so full of people that can't house them all.

3-Handing out more money to another contractor than the original contract amount. Standard procedure for our corporate government who raises holy hell when a rider doesn't have $2.50 but hands on millions to corporations on demand.

4-CM2HILL, need i say more. They are the face of crony corporate capitalism

5-Millions of transit money for development purposes. $9 million to be exact. This is money is being spent on that goddamn police station

6-Stealing $1.4 million from operations for "security" and some sort of union busting software. Don't worry, when the "supreme court" (laughable) finally rules that unions cant collect dues Trimet will finally have its way with its employees.

7-1/2 million for outside contractors to do work they are supposed to be doing internally

8-$1,048,025 to MERCER COMPANY. You know who the MERCERS are right?

9-More corporate handouts in addition to those already handed out. Because that's how they do business  

And the rest of this absurd farce is related to Mcfarlanes hand picked clone Kelsey

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Jason McHuff said...

The news release about the fare evasion policy changes seems to state that those eligible for, but not enrolled in, the upcoming low income fare program or being an Honored Citizen could evade all they want for just the effort of enrolling and loading $10 worth of fare within 90 days afterwards.