Friday, April 27, 2018

Control dispatch April 26

Light rail fails

From an entertainment perspective English second language drivers are the best 

This is ridiculous

Bus rider In wheelchair smells. Dispatch can’t help you

Rambling story about man down

Medical max platform   Dispossessed 🇺🇸

To many wheelchairs


Little mirror strike. Of course it’s a big deal. Probably a p.a. Cause that’s how they roll

Somebody passed out near tracks

Bus driver is scared shit

The mobile eye

Air conditioning is not required

Emergency intercom

D for David

Biohazard train

Tripped the signal. Get back to bus

They got train 34 going

Out of his mind

Max sign up fail

He’s just passed out and put his bag next to him, riders have my back if he falls. This is a good point bus drivers should be immune from any sort of accident charge for people that are altered

Colorful lift driver

Light rail fails

Operator has ear ache

He threw up all over himself and he’s standing next to me

Driver is all excited about man walking on tittycum

Junk bus

Something is wrong with her she’s slumped over with a big parka. Dispossessed

Light rail fails

Junk printer

Biohazard bus

Lift regular

This person can’t move and shouldn’t be on the red line, put her on a blue line

I made a boo boo

Driving bus drivers insane

Travails of the lift driver

She is up underneath my bumper

crazy person

Some guy was screaming at me. Max

Trip getting on bus

Junk printer

Homeless. Kill them all

Oil leak

Why are you so late

Shopping cart thrown into side of bus

Driver reports that he’s 12 seconds hot due to trimet vehicles

Lift rider falls

Entire bus load of kids

Always trespassing

Oversleep charged. Dispatch says take 2 buses ahead. That’s unpaid time that was supposed to stop after the class action. Trimet hasn’t changed anything as a result of that class action

We had surgery yesterday


Annoying max rider

Rider assaults rider

Junk radio

I don’t know where north terminal is

These radios are worthless. Only cost $35 million

Wife has gone to ER

I have no clue what you’re talkkng about

No end to the junk printer problems

Bicyclist down

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