Saturday, April 28, 2018

Control-Dispatch April 27


Junk bus

Not my night is it

Wanted by cops

Operator gets pushed

They abused the kids

Lol. Bynum not having much fun.

Bad bus riders, trying to hit me with an umbrella ☂ šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Too many bags

What the f,kšŸ€šŸ€

Junk elevator

Light rail fails

Baby šŸ‘¶ stroller criminal. Of course this guy would make a big deal out of it

Max close call

Unstable on the bus

Cop on the bus looking for boy

Train says green line but it’s a blue line


Customer conduct. Man with baby šŸ‘¶

Bus trade refused

Semi priority

Bus driver didn’t call in mirror strike

Bus driver spanked

Fall. Max

Junk bus

Service denied. Dispatch wants to know why, he’s in trouble, bus driver intractable

Bus almost hit max

Max close call-Control said good job

Bus rider arrested. Bus driver going back to garage dispatch wonders why.

Uh oh , bus driver has their phone on

Bus driver wants to know why there are so many bus stops

Some sort of lift travails

Why are you late. I’m filling his route

Young boy stole her purse

Bus in the box 99 one 11

Child fell on my bus, she won’t give me any info, nose is bleeding, children were running around the bus

Tripped and fell on her knees

A guy just hit the back of the bus

Travails of the lift driver

Junk bus

Excluded person on the bus. Bus driver not happy about it

Junk train

Max driver reports bus driver
Bus driver responds. Just a harmless error

Max sign up

Bus driver torture chamber

Junk rail buddy. Boy are those pieces of shit

Junk bus

Medical emergency. Woman says she was assaulted

Running hot. Check your wrist watch. Hillarious that Trimet makes drivers wear wrist watches in 2018.

Off route

Driver doesn’t know route

Soda can stopping elevator

Bus driver not strong enough to adjust mirror. Newbie

Hop fail

Light rail fails

Why does HOP read out of service. 35million boondoggle

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