Sunday, April 29, 2018

Control Dispatch April 28. (00:00-13:55)

The track is wet

Fares. Who cares

Dispossessed People laying all over the streets

Drinking on the bus

Light rail fails

Bus driver can handle rider. Supervisors get their numbers straight
Maybe the driver can’t handle him
Julie with little pep talk. So cute

Mother duck and 🐥 could be killed

Doors not working

Max mayhem

He’s a real problem I passed him up he threatened me and he’s dangerous

Missed turn


Travails of the lift drivers

My ink is not printing. What a joke

Wheelchair out of power, she left, lift is not a possibility because Murica

Autistic jumping between  buses

Bucket threat


Lift driver worried about on time performance


Max operator wants to go home

Fall on lift

We have an issue here at Gateway train had wrong sign, bus driver says she’ll take them it’s a trimet fail

Little picture of the engine. Lol

Max stop glass shattered

Fall getting off at back door

Junk bus

Always trespassing


Drive by (shooting?)

Junk printer saga goes on and on. Let em ride free and forget it

Antifreeze on tracks and sharps containers

DK won’t leave

Making a transfer



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