Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dispatch Control April 8 + 10th.

Missing dates are on twitter feed


Incident report and she’s talking so fast 

Light rail fails 

Travails of the lift driver 

Accelerator is jerking under my feet-lift

Child soiled seat

Somebody got excluded

Operator wants TDA. But then decides no

Trash can overflowing-supervisor wants shelter removed 

Unidentified backpack 

Guy has dollies and bins on max platform

Sharp object-max

Too many bags-max

Suicidal male

Bloody max

Need police-max

Hard to understand, “I pushed the button”

She’s screaming and yelling

People just hanging out, they can run one full round trip. Not sure why this driver gives a shit

She fell out of her seat

Somebody has hooked up a host max

Altercation at gateway

She’s hurling giant rocks

Max door spider webbed

2 kids and a bike with no adult

2 wheelchairs and one person, what’s the policy

Max driver not happy that people are loading a lot of stuff

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