Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dispatch/Control- April 9 (11:28-23:59)

Junk bus door switch

Loud verbal-‘he won’t listen’

Bus driver thinks he sees lost child

Travails of the lift driver

Passed out on bus 17

Junk cad

Junk bus

Gash on head-max

Lift rider said seat belt was hurting her

Junk bus door

Man says he was assaulted


Junk bus

Baby stroller criminal

Drop down chains dragging

Accident report bus vs bus. Probably both get 💩 p.a.s

Bus hit bus mirror(shoulda just let it go)

Paranoid bus driver

‘He tries to spit on her’

‘2 men duking it out at max stop’

One of the more obvious trimet fails is that they don’t have an adequate inventory of buses and drivers

No relief for train operator

Lift rider getting more and more agitated

People homesteading at bus stop won’t move

A good example of why public transportation sucks

She slowly fell to the floor of the bus

“Passengers are asking me what am I doing “

2 exclusions

Priority-‘we had a big miscommunication’

Sounds like bus got hit with gate arm -p.a.

Junk radio-‘do you know what fallback is’. ‘No’

‘Devil’s Triangle ‘

Piss bus

‘I passed up this lady she’s acting erratic’

‘There’s a bus hanging out of the driveway’

Trouble on max platform

Long story about bus stops that were closed

‘I found a cute little snoopy bag’

Fares from streetcar. (Take everything)

“Are you sure you’re on track 12”

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