Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dispatch/Control-April 11 (00:00-12:00)

Bus driver unhappy with new bus driver

Junk radio

I’ve got children standing In the aisle.

Lift rider tripped

Problem bus riders

Scanner regular

Printers are junk

Lift bus hit something

“I’m a part timer so I can’t speak to peek hours”

Bus driver doesn’t like reroute

HOP fail. Grant doesn’t know what ac fail light is?

Junk bus doors

They’ll never fix the bus head signs properly

“There’s a gas leak”

Bus is bottoming out

the GO AHEAD GIRL( this woman will definitely be heading to dispatch obviously)

Light rail fails

Junk bus

Where’s the disinfectant?

Bus driver not happy with bus driver

Some guy has tools by park and ride has no Trimet ID

Sleeper bus 6

“The operator that got yelled at by Jeff”

Junk bus doors

“Are you the one that I talked to about the loud verbal? He says I’m racist”

Unknown frequency, probably Russia

Stolen bicycle off max

“He’s fallen over in his seat”

Fare dispute causes reaction (they just can’t let it go can they)

Tourette’s woman

“Jebb” is a problem on the bus

Push hard on the brake

‘I had an extremely rude customer’


Trip and fall-bus

Junk bus

Junk train

Junk bus

Junk bus

Junk bus

No max announcements

“I’m a complete moron “

Disturbance on max

‘I heard the bus scrape’

“My train came to a stop”

You’re in Hillsboro not In Portland

🐄get out

🐄get back on

Always some  bullshit 💩with the light rail

TVM fail

White shirt not happy about lift bus

Max fail

Tripped silent alarm

Man In the middle of tracks

Woman won’t get off bus 57

Car on the tracks

“He’s not in there real deep”

ATS trip and emergency mode-max

2 people refuse to get off train

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