Friday, April 13, 2018

Dispatch/Control- April 12

Random clips represent about 5% of all calls

“Somebody on the bus with a lot of dog poo”

Bus driver doesn’t want to do fill (smart)

It’s a picture of an engine

The homeless people stole all of our equipment

Trimet is hiring, his shoelaces got stolen

He’s been pretty obnoxious

She said call the police they can hog tie her-max

I think I have that gentleman your looking for on my bus

“Why did you leave early”
.” No reason”

Parking garage defect

Mentally challenged teen got on wrong bus

I had a hit and run

Bus driver reports bus driver

Police remove man from bus

Someone drove a car into the bus stop

Lift rider has a bruise

No extra service is a trimet fail

This ADA thing is really touchy

Crossing arm fail

I think the GO AHEAD GIRL had some problems

“Does the supervisor have any ink cartridges”

Silent alarm, sounds false

Fight on max platform

Mirror strike report

Unhappy lift driver


Switch fail, ‘there’s a bus coming towards me’

Stuck at RR tracks

Can’t find rose quarter

Junk bus doors

Bus 4mirror strike-direct access

Junk bus

“That guy was your leaders leader”

Blue Bench is ‘mangled’

I just had a mirror strike

‘I passed up a customer ‘

Dogs on the seat

Blind on the bus

Junk bus doors

“A child like 6 year old came”

“They’re all spitting on the floor”

Train says not in service but it is

“Thank you for being smarter than the average bear”

Bus mirror fell apart

Increases in service are creating layover problems

Dan Kelley sees used tire

“I’m getting these complaints daily “

Bus driver thinks for himself and doesn’t get in trouble

Bike abandoned on bus

Dispatch begging dozens of drivers to work extra, most comply

Wes is retiring

Train 85fail

Bus 19’s having problems

“Ive got about 100buses 30minutes late”

“19/44 having a blast”

“There’s a dozen accidents blocking us right now”

Junk preempts

Trouble on train 61and track is delaminated

Bus is stuck behind ambulance

Track fail but they can’t get there cause they are stuck in traffic

Priority-passenger needs help, the refuse to get off and obscene gestures

Buses stuck in traffic

Portland traffic is a disaster

Light rail fails

Idiot don’t know that buses don’t make change

Green line bus

OMG unattended backpack

Couple dozen of these daily

Junk bus

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